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Raw materials of sanitary napkins introduce

For the majority of female consumers, sanitary napkins are an indispensable product for every woman during their aunt. The quality and safety of sanitary napkins are closely related to women's physical health, which has attracted the attention of consumers. Understanding raw materials of sanitary napkins will help answer these consumer concerns. The following are the raw materials of sanitary napkins.

raw materials of sanitary napkins

01. Non-woven fabrics: used as fabrics, flanks, choke grooves, diversion layers, chip layers, and envelopes.

02. Wood pulp/fluff pulp: Absorbers for thin structures.

03. Small white paper/toilet paper/wet strength paper: Absorber for thin structure.

04. Polymer/water-absorbing bead/water-absorbing factor: Absorber for thin structure.

05. Clean paper/expanded paper: Absorber for ultra-thin/extremely thin structure.

raw material for sanitary napkin

06. SAP polymer composite absorbent paper: Absorber for ultra-thin/extremely thin structures.

07. PE film: used for fabric, bottom film and coating.

08. Hot melt adhesive: three-piece structural adhesive, fabric structural adhesive, two-lining structural adhesive, chip structural adhesive, bottom film structural adhesive, backing adhesive, wing adhesive, fixing adhesive, thread adhesive, and quick-and-easy adhesive.

09. Functional chips: active oxygen dynamic negative ion chip, nano silver ion chip, far-infrared energy chip, magnetic biomagnetic magnetic power chip, tea polyphenol chip, motherwort chip, angelica chip, SOD whitening and tender red chip, DM diatom deodorization chip Chips, yew chips, vitamin E chips, far-infrared somatosensory energy chips, bamboo charcoal chips, chitin chips, germanium element chips, etc.

10. Spray: Chinese medicine extract, flower and plant extract, maintenance essential oil, cool and cool formula, etc.

To sum up, raw materials of sanitary napkins mainly include non-woven fabrics, hot melt adhesives, super absorbent resins, PE films, etc. These materials have been verified by long-term practice, and the use of them under normal conditions will not cause harm to the health of aunt girls.

material used for sanitary pads

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