How To Identify Diaper Composition

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Nowadays, different diaper styles have appeared in people's lives, and many mothers do not know how to choose from the wide variety of nappies. I believe this is what most people want to know, so read the following article.

diaper composition

1.How to identify the good and bad of diaper composition

A. Surface layer: This is the surface of the diaper that is close to the baby's PP, which is a layer of absorbent non-woven fabric.

B.Thickness: diapers absorb water mainly by polymer resin (SAP), this raw material is very expensive, counterfeit can not afford to use the full amount of SAP will be reduced by two grams, increase the cotton core to make up for some, so add SAP less nappies will be thicker, if it is fake will be thicker.

C.Breathable base film compound: to ensure good breathability, breathable base film and the bottom layer of water-repellent non-woven fabric should be dotted line compound, fake goods are usually face compound, that is, when compounding the whole surface coated with glue, in this case, the base film will be relatively hard. Touch the previous genuine product and compare it with the new one, the hardness of the genuine product and the fake one are significantly different.

D.Baby's skin is simply blown out. A slightly harder material may not cause harm to adults, but it will bring discomfort to babies. Diapers with a harder texture will rub against baby's skin for a long time, rubbing red marks on baby's skin and making baby uncomfortable. First class help diapers use feather soft cotton on the inner surface, which is super soft and comfortable to the touch, and your baby will feel more comfortable when wearing them on trips.

E.However, to be really sure what diapers work well, you still need to try them out. Many diapers now have trial packs available on their websites.

 diaper components

2.How to judge the breathability of diaper composition

A. Nowadays there are many diaper brands with different numbers, so parents should buy according to the principle of buying big and not small. Diaper compositions are less breathable and do not dissipate heat as well. If the nappy is small and tight, it is not good for the baby's skin and lower body health.

B.Firstly, to make it easier for parents to choose, diapers from all brands are available in different sizes depending on the baby's weight. This important information is usually printed on the outer packaging of the diapers and it is important to check this information if buying online. With this data, young parents should know how to tell when a nappy is small. Nowadays, babies are better nourished than ever before and their height and weight curves are rising, so their size will continue to increase.

C.Secondly, the design of the waist patch, the comfort of the waistband and the degree of elasticity of the leg straps of baby nappies must be designed in a reasonable way, with the right amount of elasticity. This is the only way to make the baby feel comfortable. Therefore, the waist patch, waist circumference and leg circumference are all important factors in determining whether a nappy is too small. In addition to this, parents can leave about a finger's width of space when nappying their baby, so that they can move around more comfortably and with ease.

diaper material composition

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