There Are Several Types Of Baby Diaper Materials Surface Layers

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There are still many people who think that their own home made cotton nappies are good, breathable and also save money, some mothers themselves have always been worried about nappies, so they prepared two big bags of cotton nappies for their babies, and after using them for less than a month they couldn't stand it anymore...they were afraid that their babies would have red farts and change them as soon as they wet themselves, and the balcony inside the house was full of nappies. So how many types of baby diaper materials are there?

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1. There are several types of baby diaper materials

A. The surface layer of the diaper consists of a hot air non-woven and a water-repellent non-woven. Hot air nonwovens are nonwovens that are bonded after the fibres have been carded and the hot air from the drying equipment is used to penetrate the fibre web to make it hot. Hot air bonded products have a high fluffiness, good elasticity, soft feel, warmth, breathability and water permeability, so generally good nappies are made of hot air nonwoven.

B. The production technology of hot air non-woven fabric is more demanding and the cost of the manufacturing machine is also higher, so nappies with hot air non-woven fabric are generally more expensive. Although expensive, they will be more comfortable for babies to wear.

C. (1) Strength to meet certain requirements, with a very good lashin strength: (2) good permeability, guide the liquid into the absorbent core layer quickly, reduce the penetration time, the maximum does not exceed 3s; (3) lower back seepage, so as to maintain the dryness of the skin contact surface, maintain the user's comfort; (4) appearance in line with health requirements, clean, bright white, uniform; (5) good breathability, good softness, good good comfort.

D. Hot air fabric is very soft, close to the baby's body, can promote rapid penetration of urine and effectively stop back seepage, the surface layer of the diaper remains dry.

E. Water-repellent non-woven: mainly for impermeability, used as a base layer for baby diapers/pull-ups, sanitary napkins and adult incontinence pads/diapers.

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2. Can baby diaper materials be used all the time if they are good?

A. It is undeniable that diapers are easy to use. But parents should not use diapers for their babies all the time. Babies are too young to be able to express themselves and communicate with their parents, even if using diapers can be harmful. Diapers are not breathable and do not dissipate heat well, and parents should not continue to use them when the baby is a little older.

B. The use of small diapers for baby boys is not good for the development of the testicular area. Small diapers are tightly packed around the baby's crotch and the lack of space at the root of the thighs can affect air circulation.

C. Using diapers for baby girls, because of the high crotch temperature of baby girls and the lack of breathability of nappies, bacteria can easily multiply and invade the vulva and tract of baby girls. It is therefore important not to use diapers for too long, whether for a baby boy or a baby girl. If it does have an effect on the baby's growth, it will be impossible for parents to make up for it.

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