What Is Adult Diaper Raw Materials?

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Adult diapers are disposable paper based urinary incontinence products, one of the adult care products, and are mainly suitable for disposable diapers for adults with incontinence. The functions are similar to baby diapers.

1. Adult diaper raw materials

Non woven fabric, absorbent paper, fluff pulp, polymer absorbent resin (SAP), PE leak-proof film. Layered structure: It is divided into three layers from the inside to the outside: the surface diversion layer is close to the skin and is made of non-woven fabric; the middle absorbent layer is water-absorbing fluff pulp with polymer water absorbing beads added; the bottom layer is an impermeable PE bottom film .

2.Adult diaper raw materials--absorptive

For adult diapers, the absorption performance is the deciding factor for consumers to decide whether to buy or not. Adult diapers with good absorption can quickly absorb urine, keep the skin dry and reduce the generation of odor. At present, most adult diaper manufacturers use a double-layer suction diversion system, which can accelerate the absorption and reduce the feeling of wetness.

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3.Adult diaper raw materials--comfort

Absorbency determines comfort, fast absorption keeps skin dry; leak-proof, tests whether adult diapers conform to ergonomics in product design, and excellent anti-seepage design can reduce the occurrence of bedsores. Bed sores are one of the common complications in patients with moderate to severe urinary incontinence.

4.Adult diaper raw materials--odor suppression

Whether the absorbing layer has an odor suppressing factor, it can get out embarrassing odors and keep the air fresh. At present, many brands use polymer absorbing resin (SAP) to have a certain deodorizing effect.

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5. How to choose adult diaper raw materials

The biggest difference between it and baby diapers, in addition to the size of the appearance, is the amount of absorption. Adults drink about 2 liters of water a day (ie, 2000ml). Consumers are most worried about the absorption of diapers, and they need to change a few diapers a day. This requires purchasing diapers with a large absorption capacity. The absorption capacity of general adult diapers is about 800ml, and 3-4 adult diapers are needed a day. How to choose adult diapers with high suction capacity? Choose adult diapers with high absorption capacity, preferably with an effective absorption of 1000ml to 1100ml, so that only two diapers a day can meet the needs of an adult. If it is an adult with a large amount of urine, 3 diapers a day are enough . In this way, the frequency of replacement can be effectively reduced, and the cost and frequency of care can be reduced.The softness and skin-friendliness of adult diapers mainly depends on the raw materials. Two key words must be mentioned here: fluff pulp and non-woven fabrics. Fluff pulp is the raw material for the inner core of diapers, but some unscrupulous merchants use waste recycled cotton to refill it. Consumers must carefully identify them when purchasing. Non-woven fabrics are mainly used for the inner surface of diapers. High-quality non-woven fabrics are soft and comfortable, while inferior fabrics are irritating to the skin and prone to allergies. Choose adult diapers with good material, imported native fluff pulp absorbs quickly and absorbs more. The high-grade non-woven fabric is skin-friendly, soft, and has good permeability, allowing urine to pass through quickly, making the skin drier and better protected.

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