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In order to let the baby have a refreshing little butt, expectant mothers will prepare baby diapers for their babies very early. But how do you choose the right diaper for your baby? There are so many diapers in the supermarket, how to read the unfamiliar words above? Fluff pulp, polymer absorbent resin, PE film... What do these mean?Diapers are generally composed of three main parts: the surface covering layer, the absorbent core layer and the base fabric. The main secret of diapers lies in the materials that make up these three parts.

baby diaper raw materials

1.baby diaper raw materials --surface coating

It is close to the baby's body, which can promote the rapid penetration of urine and effectively prevent re-infiltration, and the surface of the diaper remains dry.

2.baby diaper raw materials--non woven fabrics

The quality of the non-woven fabric layer depends on the air permeability of the diaper. At present, the diapers on the domestic market are basically non-woven surface layers. Breathable non-woven fabrics can improve the air permeability inside the diapers, and the water vapor can circulate outside the diapers to discharge moisture and heat in time, effectively reducing the occurrence of diaper rash. Chance, soft and comfortable without irritating the skin. The surface of adult sanitary napkins is also non-woven, but the non-woven fabric used in diapers must be softer and more suitable for baby's skin than that used in sanitary napkins. To judge the quality of the non-woven fabric, you can touch its smoothness with your hand, or pull its toughness.

diaper raw materials

3.baby diaper raw materials --absorbent core

The main purpose of this layer is to capture and quickly absorb urine, disperse urine or diffuse it throughout the core layer by capillary action, and finally absorb and store urine. At present, the absorbent core layer of diapers in the domestic market is mainly composed of a layered structure composed of pure wood pulp (fluff pulp) and superabsorbent resin (SAP).

4.baby diaper raw materials--Super Absorbent Resin

It has the characteristics of high water absorption and high water absorption. In terms of the requirements of diapers and the role of polymer absorbent resins in diapers, water retention and absorption under pressure are the most important properties, followed by water absorption rate and water absorption. If the second and third re-infiltration of diapers are relatively high, it may indicate that the long-term absorption capacity and repeated absorption capacity of this polymer water absorbent resin will cause relatively large problems, and it can only absorb the baby's first urination. After two or three hours, the baby will not absorb well after urinating again.

5.Baby diaper raw materials--Fluff pulp

It is responsible for the main absorption layer, and the wood pulp is piled together with good capillaries, which can produce high diversion and dispersion. However, it needs to reach a certain scale in order to build a three-dimensional structure to exert the effect of water absorption, so the diaper will be thicker. The properties of wood pulp and superabsorbent resin are complementary, one is strong in water absorption and the other is strong in water retention, so the diaper core composed of the two in a suitable ratio and mixture can achieve the best absorption rate and water absorption capacity. Effect.

raw material of diapers

6.baby diaper raw materials--PE film 

its main function is to prevent leakage, and the back is coated with hot melt adhesive for fixing. In addition, the hot melt adhesive of all products is attached with release paper (silicon oil paper) to protect the hot melt, which is actually the thin paper covered on the usual double-sided tape.

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