Differentiated Development Of Spandex Yarn

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With the development of spandex yarn production industry, its product system is also constantly enriched. On the basis of conventional materials, according to different application scenarios, the product types are continuously refined and differentiated, and a variety of differentiated spandex yarn fiber products are derived.

1. Chlorine resistant spandex yarn

In view of the shortcomings of poor chlorine resistance of spandex yarn products, additives such as calcium carbonate and hydrotalcite are added during the spinning process to overcome the shortcomings of conventional elastic fibers that are easily eroded, yellowed, and elastically reduced in active chlorine water such as chlorine-containing laundry detergents and swimming pools. .

2. Heat resistant spandex yarn

Heat-resistant spandex yarn is a material with extremely high heat resistance, which greatly reduces the degradation of the hard segment of elastic fibers at high temperatures. In high temperature dyeing and multiple dyeing, its elasticity and strength do not decrease significantly. When blended with polyester, it is dyed multiple times at about 140T, showing excellent dyeing performance. Improving the heat resistance of elastic fibers mainly starts from the chemical composition of the fibers and improving the interaction between fibers, adding additives during the production and polymerization of elastic fibers or changing the air volume and winding method in the spinning process to improve the process. process.

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3. Antibacterial spandex yarn

The antibacterial spandex yarn not only maintains the physical properties of conventional elastic fibers, but also greatly improves the antibacterial properties. The preparation is mainly through multi-layer spinning, wrapping bacteriostatic materials on the outer layer of elastic fibers, or introducing particles and groups with bacteriostatic properties into fibers to improve the bacteriostatic ability. It can be used in medical fields such as wound dressings and medical equipment, and also has a large number of applications in daily life. Various antibacterial products meet the antibacterial needs of clothing.

4. Easy dyeing spandex yarn

It can be dyed with weak acid dyes to obtain bright colors and excellent color fastness of spandex fabrics. Conventional elastic fibers have poor dyeability, and a small amount of amino groups at the end of the fiber molecular chain can provide a dye base for acid dyes. In view of this characteristic, additives are added in the process of fiber production, polymerization and spinning, which greatly increases the number of amino groups in the fiber, and provides a dye base for acid dyes, so as to obtain it. On the premise of maintaining the excellent characteristics of elastic fibers, it meets the increasingly high requirements of consumers for fabric color.

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5. Degradable spandex yarn

Degradable spandex yarn is a new type of green and environmentally friendly product born under the current social background of energy saving, emission reduction and recycling. It is degradable on the basis of maintaining the original excellent elasticity of the product, and is widely used in sanitary products such as diapers and bandages. in medical supplies.


With people's pursuit of fashion trends and comfort and the upgrading of consumption concepts, the market demand for spandex generally shows a growing trend. In the near future, spandex yarn fiber will usher in further development, and the market will also usher in self-upgrade and evolution.

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