Learn About The Main Ingredients And Types Of Hot Melt Glue

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Hot melt glue plays a pivotal role as a bonding medium in disposable hygiene products. This article briefly introduces the main components and types of hot melt glue.

hot melt glue

1. The main ingredients of hot melt glue

hot melt glue, because it will be sticky after being pressed at room temperature, it is called hot melt glue. Its main components are styrene butadiene styrene or styrene isoprene styrene rubber, tackifying resin (mainly petroleum resin), white mineral oil, etc. Due to the high temperature of 130-170°C in the manufacturing and use environment, it is also necessary to add antioxidants. The use requirements and process characteristics of glue at different stations are different, so it is necessary to continuously adjust the ratio of each component in the formula and develop products that focus on different directions.

 position glue

2. Types of hot melt glue

In disposable sanitary products, the coating position of hot melt glue is almost distributed on the material of each layer. According to the function classification, it can be mainly divided into three kinds of glue: position glue, construction glue and elastic glue.

(1) Position glue, as the name suggests, mainly plays the role of fixing the product. At present, it is mainly coated on the bottom film of women's sanitary napkins, and is covered with release paper. When using the sanitary napkin, the release paper is torn off to expose the positioning glue. The body and wings of the sanitary napkin can be fastened to the panty. Because the positioning glue should not only fix the sanitary napkin, but also ensure that no glue residue is left on the underwear, the focus of the position glue is moderate bonding strength and good cohesive strength.

(2) The function of construction glue is to bond and form various materials, and the coverage area is the widest among disposable sanitary products, and the structural glue itself is not exposed outside the material, so the focus of construction glue is excellent adhesion. connection strength.

(3) The role of elastic glue is to bond elastic materials in diapers or advanced sanitary napkins, such as guards, or leg elastics. These elastic materials ensure that the disposable hygiene products are more close to the body and will not leak sideways when receiving urine. Since these elastic materials are usually stretched and bonded during production, the elastic glue needs to withstand the retraction force of the elastic material after coating to ensure that the elastic material will not detach from the adhesive layer, resulting in product deformation . Therefore, the focus of elastic glue is on excellent creep resistance.

 construction glue

Hot melt glue is widely used in the bonding of disposable sanitary products due to its advantages of environmental protection, safety, high bonding strength, and suitability for automated production. Knowing the main components and types of hot melt glue will help people to use this material better.

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