Difficulties In Hot Melt Adhesive Loss Investigation

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The loss of hot melt adhesive is an important factor leading to quality problems in disposable hygiene products. This article describes the difficulties of hot melt adhesive debonding investigation.

1. The data of hot melt adhesive is missing

Usually data is not complete, and operators are unable to provide continuous and reliable production information. The lack of data before the investigation makes it difficult to judge whether the problem of hot melt adhesive loss is an occasional problem or a routine problem, and it is impossible to establish a reliable standard for normal bond strength. As a result, the investigation work needs to accumulate data again, and the investigation direction develops in various aspects, which affects the speed and accuracy of the investigation work.

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2. Insufficient sample retention for hot melt adhesive

Insufficient retention of problem hygiene samples and normal hygiene samples. The inspection of disposable hygiene products is a destructive inspection, and the test damages one piece at a time. Therefore, the low number of samples will lead to an increase in the deviation of the final test results and mislead the direction of the investigation. Generally, an accelerated aging test will be done while testing the hygienic samples to compare the adhesive strength level of the aged hot melt adhesive, so the quantity of the problem hygienic samples and the normal hygienic samples shall be at least 20 pieces each.

3. The problem hot melt adhesive and the problem substrate have been used up

This is a relatively common phenomenon in China at present, because domestic manufacturers pay more attention to sales and production, and use many types of substrates and adhesives. Reserving samples for each batch of hot melt adhesives and substrates alone increases management costs. Therefore, in such a situation, it is basically necessary to make a reverse push while ensuring that there are no problems in the process and environment. The accuracy of the survey needs to be reconfirmed.

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4. The loss of stickiness of hot melt adhesive is caused by many factors

To complicate matters, the loss of tack in hot melt adhesives is the result of a combination of factors. For example, the substrate is difficult to wet, its operating temperature is not within a reasonable range for some reasons, the machine has insufficient pressure due to aging, and the amount of glue is at the lower limit of the set value, etc., which requires primary and secondary analysis of multiple factors. Find the main influencing factors.

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To sum up, when investigating the problem of hot melt adhesive loss, unity and cooperation of procurement, production, quality, and technology are required, and the accuracy of the investigation direction is repeatedly verified until the cause of the loss of hot melt adhesive is found and rectification is made. measure.

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