Brief Discussion On Broken Wire During Diaper Spandex Manufacturing

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Broken wire is a common problem in the application process of diaper spandex, and it is an important factor affecting the quality of the fabric. This paper analyzes the reasons for the diaper spandex to break the filament during weaving.

1. The edge and broken wire of diaper spandex

The wire breakage is mainly due to the small unwinding tension on the surface of the diaper spandex, and the friction between the wire and the wire is small. When the unwinding speed is slow, the broken wire is caused by the side stretching force to make it fall off. Under this condition, orbital silk generally appears, which is more common in cotton core-spun and mechanically-covered silk applications.

 diaper spandex

2. Diaper spandex stacking broken wire

The broken wire of the folded winding refers to the broken wire produced by the next layer of the diaper spandex pressing the upper layer of the wire or the upper layer of the lower layer of the ribbon during the unwinding process of the diaper spandex. The main reasons for the formation of this broken wire are: first, the unreasonable setting of the winding angle during the diaper spandex forms the pressing wire; the second is the improper selection of the oil agent and the strong adhesion, which causes the upper layer of the wire to lift the lower layer of the ribbon.

3. Rewinding broken wire of diaper spandex

Rewinding broken wire refers to the broken wire formed by rewinding when the unwinding tension of diaper spandex is too large during the unwinding process, which exceeds its unwinding draft force. Common rewinding broken wire performance and causes are as follows:

a. Rewinding and broken filaments at the bottom of spandex that have been stored for more than 3 months. The reason is that with the increase of storage time, the oil volatilization, moisture absorption and the combined action of its shrinkage make the bottom of the cake hard or even agglomerated;

b. The unwinding speed is greater than 300m/min for warp knitting or high-speed air-wrap integrated machine, the reason is that the spandex unwinding speed is fast, the buffer time of the silk road is short, and it is easier to form the reverse winding broken wire;

c. It has not been used in a targeted manner. For example, when the cotton core-spun spandex is used on the empty package, the reversed yarn is broken. The reason is that the cotton core-spun has a slow unwinding speed and a large draft, and the general manufacturer will increase the Unwinding tension to avoid edge drop. When applied to empty packages, due to its fast unwinding speed, it is easy to produce reverse winding and broken wires;

d. The rewinding and broken wires on the lace warping pan head that have been used for a long time are because the spandex will do further drafting during warping, and the storage is easily affected by the external environment, and the unwinding speed of the lace is very slow, and the use time will More than 1 month, so the probability of rewinding broken wire is greater.

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4.diaper spandex drawing broken wire

Drawing broken wire refers to the broken wire that occurs when the customer's process requirements exceed its tolerance or the equipment is abnormal during the application of spandex yarn. The common manifestations and causes of wire breakage in drawing are as follows:

a. Spandex is damaged and broken, because the equipment is abnormal;

b. The reason for the drawing breakage caused by the excessive drafting of the subsequent process is that the elongation limit has been reached;

c. The drafting breakage caused by improper selection of matching raw materials. For example, on a circular knitting machine with a gauge of 28 needles/25.4mm, when 4.44tex (40D) spandex and 15.56tex (140D) polyester are used for knitting, because the needle spacing relatively small, making it vulnerable to damage.


Diaper spandex is a new type of textile raw material with excellent comprehensive properties. During its use, the problem of wire breakage is very common, generally including wire breakage in the weaving process and fabric breakage. Understanding the reasons for the interruption of the diaper spandex manufacturing process will help people make better use of this material.

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