The Development Trend Of Non Woven Fabric Reinforcement Technology

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Non woven fabric is a fibrous material processing technology derived from textile, chemical fiber and papermaking. With its rapid development, domestic and foreign companies and related scholars have conducted a lot of research on the web forming technology and reinforcement technology of nonwoven fabrics. This paper looks forward to the development trend of non-woven fabric reinforcement technology.

1. Needle-punched reinforcement technology of non-woven fabric

Although my country's acupuncture reinforcement technology has developed rapidly, and the application scope of acupuncture non woven fabrics has continued to expand, there are still problems such as high energy consumption, narrow width, low output, poor process flexibility, and lack of innovation awareness. In the future, my country should increase the research and development of acupuncture equipment with high frequency, shock absorption, wide width, personalization and wide applicability, optimize the design and lightweight design of the acupuncture mechanism, and introduce vibration compensating elements to greatly improve acupuncture. Frequency; in order to meet the needs of high-speed and high-efficiency acupuncture processing, acupuncture equipment with elliptical trajectories and circular trajectories should be the two major development trends, so it is necessary to increase investment in research and development; vigorously develop general-purpose needles, and develop online replacement needle plates technology, so as to greatly improve the versatility and durability of acupuncture equipment; acupuncture equipment manufacturers should focus on green, energy saving and environmental protection issues while achieving high efficiency and high production, so as to achieve sustainable development of the nonwoven industry; Increase the research and development of special production technology for imaging CNC acupuncture non woven fabric materials, and develop a special CNC intelligent system for acupuncture equipment.

 topsheet non woven fabric

2. Spunlace reinforcement technology of non woven fabric

my country's spunlace non-woven fabric products mainly improve market competitiveness by expanding production scale to reduce costs, but less investment in technological innovation and product research and development, and there is still a large gap between the world's advanced level. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the scientific research investment in the field of spunlace non woven fabric and the training of professional talents, improve professional technology innovation and product development capabilities, and develop high-performance spunlace non woven fabric special production equipment and special fiber raw materials; vigorously develop water A production line that combines spunlace and spunbond and other nonwoven technologies to achieve a breakthrough in isotropic spunlace nonwoven materials; it is necessary to develop high-speed and high-production spunlace equipment with high degree of automation and energy-saving and emission-reduction effects, high-efficiency energy-saving drying technology and zero Drainage water treatment technology, research and development of environmentally friendly spunlace non woven fabric material production line that can be washed and fully degraded.

In the future, my country's spunlace industry will gradually transform and upgrade from extensive to intensive, from low added value to high added value. Among them, spunlace equipment develops in the direction of high speed, high efficiency, high yield, wide width, energy saving, and intelligence to further reduce the cost of spunlace products; spunlace raw materials develop in the direction of differentiation to meet the needs of different products; Spunlace composite technology and functional finishing technology to make up for the limitations of spunlace products; spunlace products will develop in the direction of diversification, functionality, reliability and durability to further expand product application areas.

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3. Hot air reinforcement technology of non woven fabric

Hot air non-woven fabric has the advantages of uniform appearance, soft and fluffy, elastic, and does not contain any chemical substances such as adhesives. In recent years, the demand for hot air nonwoven products has grown rapidly with the expansion of the disposable hygiene products market. In the future, hot air reinforcement technology should be researched and developed based on multi-category, low energy consumption and functional thermal bonding fibers; focus on and develop high viscosity fibers, adopt low processing temperature, wide processing range, and high processing speed to meet the needs of high-speed and efficient production; Develop differentiated low-melting fibers such as ultra-fine fibers, hollow fibers, and easy-to-dye fibers to improve the economic benefits of products and broaden application fields; promote the technological progress of functional multi-gradient thermal bonding technology and equipment, reduce energy consumption and save resources by reducing energy consumption and saving resources and cost to achieve the development of green technology.

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In recent years, non-woven fabric reinforcement technology and equipment at home and abroad have achieved many achievements in high-speed, high-performance, high-performance, networking, and systematization. Reinforcement technology and equipment are still the future development direction. Under the principle of low investment and low cost, the research on low energy consumption of high frequency acupuncture technology and spunlace technology and the research on high speed and low energy consumption of thermal bonding reinforcement technology will be the focus of future research and development.

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