Technological Change Of SAP Paper

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My country's SAP paper, which first appeared in 2008, mainly has a 3-layer and 5-layer structure. 2019 is a year for it to move towards a new milestone, including the launch of online composite SAP paper diapers by a number of domestic and foreign brands. The introduction of the rubber core means that the structure of the absorbent paper has been improved again.

1. Equipment technology of SAP paper

From the perspective of equipment technology, the application and production process of SAP paper has evolved from the original single hanging and single feeding method to the current multi-feeding, automatic feeding, and multi-combined feeding. change. The early core equipment was a single material compound machine, which failed to achieve the ideal application effect due to the singleness of product requirements and the limitations of matching materials. The packaging method has also evolved from the original single roll type to roll type, winding type and box type. On the basis of the original, the core body is coated to reduce the spillage of super absorbent resin (SAP).

absorbent paper sheet 

2. Material collocation of SAP paper

In terms of material matching, the composite core has changed from the original basic matching method composed of drylaid paper, fluffy non-woven fabric, hot melt adhesive and SAP to a reasonable matching according to the characteristics of different materials and the combination of advantages of different brands of SAP. . The ratio of its various materials has undergone many improvements and upgrades. It has evolved from ordinary materials produced purely for compounding into a product to core-specific materials that are concerned by the entire industry chain, and has also led many material fields to develop special materials for it. , which has laid a good foundation for its further development.

3. Product requirements for SAP paper

In terms of the requirements for core products, SAP paper, as the core material of diapers, has been widely accepted by the market in recent years, and the requirements of various manufacturers for its materials have gradually increased. In the process of its development, the market has gradually formed standards for its physical and chemical properties and safety performance. The physical and chemical performance indicators include quantitative, width, absorption rate, water retention, re-infiltration, absorption time, moisture, whiteness, etc. Safety performance includes pH value, microorganisms, black spot impurities, foreign objects, metals, needles, etc. While the standards are improving day by day, manufacturers also put forward higher requirements for products that are thin, soft and dry, prompting their manufacturers to strive for excellence to meet market demands.

 absorbent paper

4. Final product of SAP paper

From the perspective of final products, it is gradually transforming from the original offline production to online production, and some domestic diaper equipment manufacturers have already been at the forefront of the industry. In the case of increasingly fierce competition in the industry, on-line production of composite cores is the future development trend.

 SAP paper

SAP paper is a core material in the process of diaper product quality leap and process improvement in the past 10 years. It has attracted the attention and recognition of consumers because of its characteristics of not being lumpy, continuous layers, light and thin, and breathable. Its products are also continuously improved, from the original single composite product to the current multi-material process composite. The R&D investment and process adjustment of absorbent paper by diaper manufacturers and material factories have achieved its position in the industry as the core material of diapers.

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