Types Of Spunbond Non Woven Material Finishing

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The post-finishing of spunbond non woven material is to modify the product by appropriate methods after the fiber web of the production line is consolidated into cloth, so as to have specific functions. The finishing technology of spunbond non woven material in a broad sense includes: anti-static, barrier, liquid absorption, anti-aging, anti-fouling, anti-slip, peeling, flame retardant, hygienic, fragrant, soft, setting, singeing, calendering, etc. finishing and post-processing (such as printing, punching, compounding, etc.) technology. Conventional finishing methods include chemical finishing with finishing agents and physical finishing without finishing agents. This article introduces two types of "online sorting" and "offline sorting" according to the placement position of the finishing device.

 spunbond non woven

1. Online finishing of spunbond non woven material

On-line finishing is to arrange finishing equipment in the main process of spunbond non woven material production line, that is, between the fiber web consolidation equipment (such as hot rolling mill, needle punching machine, spunlace system) and the winding machine, the finishing process follows The product formation process is completed in one go.

The online finishing equipment is simple, only need to match the finishing agent application equipment and drying device, the operation management is relatively easy, the product utilization rate is high, and the sanitary conditions are better. However, the treatment process will be mutually restrained with the normal production process. Affected by the drying capacity, the speed is often reduced, and it is difficult to handle products with a large amount of liquid or requiring a long drying time.

 spunbond non woven material

2. Offline finishing of spunbond non woven material

Offline finishing is that the spunbond non woven material is manufactured on the production line, and after leaving the production line, it is processed and sorted on another finishing production line.

In addition to supporting one or more finishing agent application equipment and drying device, the offline finishing production line also needs to add unwinding device and winding device. Since the configuration is not limited by the site, the functions are relatively complete, and the operation of the original production line is not affected.

However, off-line finishing needs to occupy additional space and increase the staffing of posts, and the operation management is more complicated. Due to the repeated transit and transportation, the loss of raw materials is large, and the chance of product pollution increases. Off-line finishing is especially suitable for product finishing with large amount of liquid and long drying time.

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With the increasingly fierce competition in the spunbond non woven material market, finishing technology has gradually been popularized and applied in the industry and has become an important technical means to increase the added value of products, avoid product homogeneity competition, and achieve differentiation. Knowing the type of finishing of spunbond non woven material is conducive to its better development.

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