Solutions To The Problem Of Doubling In Spunbond Material Production Lines

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In the initial stage of development, the construction of my country's spunbond material production line is mainly based on imitation of developed countries. The inherent quality of the products is very good, and the uniformity of non woven fabrics can also be effectively demonstrated. However, the surface quality of the actual non woven fabric is limited, and the problem of filament winding is particularly serious, thereby reducing the production quality of the entire production line. In general, in addition to the doubling of the spun yarn during spinning due to poor cooling by the quenching air, three other situations are involved. Based on previous work experience, this paper discusses the solutions to the problem of spunbond material in the production line of spunbond material from three aspects: doubling in the nozzle shaft, bobbin doubling, and doubling of the screen curtain of the web forming machine.

1. Solve the problem of doubling of nozzles in the spunbond material production line

It can be seen from the previous work that the double filaments in the nozzle tunnel of the spunbond material production line are easy to find. When the tow passes through the spinneret, it will be in a state of uniform distribution, but before entering the nozzle, if there is an uneven distribution of fibers, the staff can confirm that there is a problem of splicing in the nozzle. can appear at the nozzle outlet. In order to avoid the problem of merging in the nozzle, the staff needs to do a good job of controlling the dimensional accuracy of the nozzle throat, so that the actual situation can be synchronized with the design requirements. In addition, in the production process, it is necessary to prevent the spinneret from leaking or breaking the wire, so as to reduce the probability of the gob entering the nozzle channel. In actual operation, silicone oil spraying is essential, but the amount of spraying is as low as possible. It is also necessary for the actual gaseous material to enter the nozzle shaft. For this kind of problem, one can solve this problem by means of a monomer suction device. In addition to the above operations, the manager should also formulate equipment maintenance and maintenance plans according to the actual situation, such as cleaning the inner wall of the nozzle regularly, etc., so as to reduce the probability of the occurrence of wire and wire problems.

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2. Solve the problem of yarn doubling in the spunbond material production line

When the filaments spit out from the nozzle of the spunbond material production line and the air flow enter the swing piece together, the upper end of the swing piece can be truly hinged and fixed. At this time, the air flow will be formed in the two metal walls and flow in the channel , the bundled filaments will also swing with the swing of the pendulum, avoiding the crossover problem of the round roller type oscillating device and reducing the occurrence probability of the filament. More importantly, the actual size of the pendulum bobbin must be properly controlled by the staff. If the size is too large, the bundled wire will shrink inward in the width direction. If the size is too small, the bundled wire will also shrink. Spread out along the width direction, causing new doubling problems.

 Spunbond non woven fabric

3. Solve the problem of doubling of the screen curtain of the web forming machine in the spunbond material production line

In order to balance the air volume up and down the screen curtain, the suction volume of the fan in the air conditioning room can be increased. The inhaled air volume mainly includes the air volume ejected by the nozzle, and the supplementary air on the screen curtain behind the screen machine and the supplementary air on both sides. The latter form of supplementary air is very easy to cause the problems of flocking and flanging. For this reason, in actual operation, the staff can divide the main air duct of the laminating machine into several units, and do a good job of adjusting its pressure separately, and add two heating pre-pressing rollers at the main and auxiliary air ducts. Avoid doubling and turning and flanging problems on mesh curtains. When the flakes are pressed, it is like being ironed, and it is not easy to turn over the net and flanging. It can also improve the surface quality of the spunbond material, helping related companies to obtain higher production speed and improve economic benefits.

Spunbond non woven 

To sum up, in order to solve the problem of spunbond material production line, the relevant staff should carry out targeted research work, clarify the precautions in the operation of the production line, and take targeted solutions to reduce spunbond material. Occurrence of doubling problems in weaving lines.

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