Development Trend Of Super Absorbent Polymer Powder

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At present, super absorbent polymer powder are widely used in various fields of life because of their excellent properties, and have good market prospects. But at the same time, the research on it in my country is not deep enough, and a relatively complete system has not yet been formed. This paper expounds the development trend of super absorbent polymer powder and provides reference for its further development.

1. Abundant types of super absorbent polymer powder

Starch, cellulose and other natural polymer materials are inexhaustible renewable materials on the earth. Using them to synthesize degradable materials for social production is beneficial to the survival and development of human beings. Combining starch, cellulose and inorganic clay minerals to prepare super absorbent polymer powder can improve the shortcomings of pure organic water absorbent resin, such as low gel strength, poor salt resistance, high production cost, etc., and improve the overall performance of the material.

There are many kinds of inorganic clay minerals in our country, such as montmorillonite, kaolin, vermiculite, illite, etc. They not only have the characteristics of surface polyhydroxylation, exchangeable cations, dispersibility and hydrophilicity, but also contain the necessary properties of crops. It can be used to prepare multifunctional inorganic mineral powder/organic resin water absorbing composite materials.

 super absorbent polymer

2. Simplify the preparation process of super absorbent polymer powder

The preparation technology of super absorbent polymer powder is mainly based on solution method and reversed phase suspension method. They have a common disadvantage that the effective utilization space of the reactor is reduced due to the addition of medium and solvent, and the synthesized product needs to be filtered. , washing, dehydration, drying and a series of post processing procedures can be separated from the solution, which increases the production cost. How to simplify the preparation process is of great significance to the research and application of super absorbent polymer powder materials.

 super absorbent polymer powder

3. Strengthen mechanism research to further improve the performance of super absorbent polymer powder

Super absorbent polymer powder have been greatly improved in terms of water absorption and gel strength, but the mechanism is still unclear. Strengthening the research on the relationship between the reaction mechanism, water absorption mechanism, reaction process kinetics, gel microstructure and properties of such composites is conducive to further improving the salt alkali resistance, gel strength and service life of water absorbing composites.

 SAP powder

4. Further reduce the raw material cost of super absorbent polymer powder

Compared with starch and cellulose synthetic water absorbing materials, the raw material cost of inorganic mineral/organic polymer water absorbing composite materials has dropped by 20% to 30%. However, since the price of acrylic monomer is still the most important factor affecting the raw material cost of super absorbent polymer powder, and the mineral addition amount is only 27% to 50%, the cost-effectiveness is the highest. Therefore, there is still a limit to reducing the cost of raw materials by adding minerals alone. However, how to further reduce the cost of raw materials is a question worthy of study.

As a new type of polymer functional material,super absorbent polymer powder has the excellent performance of absorbing water hundreds of times its own weight without dehydration or little dehydration under pressure, so it plays an increasingly important role in various fields of life. In this paper, the development trend of super absorbent polymer powder is explained in order to provide a reference for its development.

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