Is Cast Breathable Film Or Breathable Laminated Film Better?

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With the development and progress of society, the use of sanitary products has become more and more common, and the breathable film is also increasingly popular in the Chinese sanitary product market. At present, Breathable laminated film has been successfully applied to diapers, menstrual pants, sanitary napkins and other products, bringing a revolutionary solution to the base film of hygiene products. This article mainly compares it with cast breathable film.

breathable laminated film

1. The main difference between Breathable laminated film and cast breathable film

(1) Different equipment

The casting method is different from the production equipment of Breathable laminated film. The casting equipment is horizontal, and the blown film equipment is vertical. Therefore, the blown film production line has requirements for the height of the factory.

(2) The process is different

The raw material particles of the two processes are different, the particles of Breathable laminated film have lower melting index; blown film products are more likely to have excellent mechanical properties; different stretching effects, the stretching ratio of cast film is generally 2 times, and blown film can reach 4 to 5 times, the longitudinal mechanical properties of the blown film are better, and it is more suitable for positioning and printing.

(3) Different performance

The longitudinal tensile strength, whiteness, hydrostatic pressure resistance, and longitudinal breaking tensile strength of the Breathable laminated film are superior to those of the casting method, and the air permeability and transverse breaking tensile strength are comparable to those of the casting method. Although the elongation at break is small, it does not affect the use effect of the machine due to its large longitudinal breaking tensile strength.

 breathable pe film

2. Features and advantages of Breathable laminated film

(1) Features

Lower quantitative: The conventional quantitative of cast breathable film for the bottom layer of diapers is 18g/square meter, while the Breathable laminated film can reach 12~14g/square meter;

Higher production efficiency: Because Breathable laminated film is produced as a cylinder, two sheets are stacked, and cast film is one sheet, so the output of blown film per unit time is equivalent to twice that of cast film;

Excellent mechanical properties: The mechanical properties of the blown film method are excellent, especially the outstanding deformation resistance in the longitudinal direction;

The positioning printing effect is good: the fixed length fluctuation between the roll and the roll, the outside of the roll and the core of the roll is small and very stable.

(2) Advantages

Cost advantage

Compared with 18g/square meter of cast film, the use area of Breathable laminated film of the same quality can be increased by 20%~30%, helping enterprises to reduce costs. At present, the good rate of diapers in domestic enterprises is generally 92%~95%, and the defective products are mainly caused by the fluctuation of positioning and cutting and the color deviation of printing patterns. If Breathable laminated film is used, the yield of diapers can be increased by 3% to 5%, effectively improving the cost structure of the product.

Efficiency advantage

Breathable laminated film can be widely used in imported and domestic sanitary equipment, such as diapers, menstrual pants, sanitary napkins, and anti-breast pads. Due to the limitation of positioning, tension and other indicators, the casting method of breathable film is not well controlled and has a lot of waste, which may make it difficult to increase the speed of the equipment. The blown film method can be applied to higher-speed and more automated equipment to better utilize the potential of these equipment and improve efficiency.

(3) Application advantages of Breathable laminated film on diapers

The target quantification is as low as 12~14g/square meter;

The positioning yield of diaper products has increased to more than 99%;

The fixed length is stable, and the fluctuation is continuously stable in the range of 0~5mm;

Better performance, the same quantitative breathable film products, the performance of the blown film has been significantly improved.

(4) Application advantages of Breathable laminated film on sanitary napkins/pads

The target weight is as low as 20~25g/square meter, and for 30g/square meter cast film, 25g/square meter blown film has excellent replaceability;

Quantitative stability, single roll deviation can be controlled within ±5%;

Whiteness: The whiteness of the blown film is more than 90%, which provides better coverage and has a pearlescent effect;

Softer to the touch and can be used as a padded pouch.

 Cast breathable film

20 years ago, the development of domestic cast film from ordinary PE to Breathable laminated film was a historic breakthrough, which played a positive role in solving the user's problems of dampness, stuffiness and diaper rash. Today, 20 years later, the promotion and application of Breathable laminated film technology in China will become a milestone in the history of sanitary film.

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