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With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life and living standards, disposable sanitary products have become an important product in people's lives, among which diapers are widely used in daily life. This article mainly introduces the relevant knowledge of knitted frontal tape used in diapers.

knitted frontal tape

1. Introduction of knitted frontal tape

Knitted frontal tape is a composite material of fabric mesh and low gram weight OPP or PET film. The mesh and film are compounded by high-viscosity hot-melt adhesive or PUR adhesive or solvent-diluted ultra-high-viscosity hot-melt adhesive. Color cartoon pattern printing, usually on film. It has high holding power and proper peeling force, used in conjunction with the Velcro, it can be pasted repeatedly and the tightness can be adjusted freely.

It is also called hook and loop Velcro. It is hooked together with the mushroom head through the hook loop at the free end to achieve a fixed effect on the diaper. At the same time, its mesh cloth is low in weight and will not cover the printed pattern of the underlying film, and the pattern is clear.

At present, the technology of mesh surface Velcro is very mature, and it can be matched with the injection hook of any manufacturer.

 frontal tape loop

2. What should I do if the knitted frontal tape is not sticky?

If it is because the hard compound plastic hook surface of knitted frontal tape is stuck with too much debris, you can pick out the debris with a sharp object such as a toothpick.

If the bond is not good because the nap of the wool side has been stretched and deformed, you can slightly heat or bake the knitted frontal tape (be careful), which will bend the nap to improve the adhesion.

If it is because the soft sticky hair on the top falls off and the sticky hair is worn off, it will be refitted. The method is also very simple. Find clothes you can't wear or other things that you don't need but contain Velcro, cut them out, and then use an awl to sew them with fishing line or forced thread.

 PP frontal tape

With the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous enhancement of hygiene awareness, disposable hygiene products have been used more and more widely. Among them, diapers have been vigorously promoted among infants and adults with incontinence, and the market penetration rate of diapers is increasing. As the raw material of diapers, knitted frontal tape has also witnessed the continuous development of diapers. Learn about knitted frontal tape for better diaper use.

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