Magic Frontal Tape Of Diapers Is Unstable?

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After having a baby at home, changing diapers has become a routine for parents and mothers. Many novice parents have been in a state of being half-understood about the use of diapers, but they seem to be mature. There are also frequent feedback from parents and mothers that the diaper magic frontal tape are unstable. What's going on here? Today, let’s take a look at several reasons why the magic frontal tape of diapers is unstable.

1.Unstable magic frontal tape is not necessarily a quality problem

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the poor sticking is not necessarily a quality problem.

If the purchased magic frontal tape is completely non sticky, missing, reversed or skewed, it is a quality problem.

The paste is not as firm as the mothers think, because if it is done very, very firmly, the wrong operation is likely to cause direct damage to the baby's skin.

2. Improper use of magic frontal tape

During the use of magic frontal tape, some parents worry that the sticker is too loose.

When pasting, many parents will directly stick to the cotton soft fabric of the diaper beyond the position of the waist seal, which will definitely cause the sticking to be difficult to grasp.

Secondly, if the waist tape touches the clothes and fibers. It will also affect the use effect of the waist tape due to the incorporation of sundries, that is, the stickiness we are talking about is not firm.

 magic frontal tape

3.Magic frontal tape is beyond the normal pasting range

It may be because they are worried that the edge of the diaper will be caught on the baby's legs and crotch, or for the convenience of drawing, many parents choose to wear the diaper outside the crotch pants.

If you encounter a fat baby, or wear a lot of clothes in the diaper, it will exceed the normal pasting range of the magic frontal tape and cause the diaper to fall off...

4. The wrong way to paste the magic frontal tape

The waist sticker and elastic waistline of the diaper are the perfect partner design. When putting on the diaper for the baby, the waist sticker should be fixed on the sealing part of the waist of the diaper (that is, the part marked with the 123 scale).

On the basis of ensuring that the belt seal does not directly irritate the baby's skin, press the edge of the diaper while pulling the belt, and pay attention to the left and right symmetry when applying the belt.

Do not stick the magic frontal tape too high or too low beyond the waist seal.

velcro frontal tape

5. Frequent tearing of magic frontal tape

The magic frontal tape of diapers can indeed withstand multiple tearing.

but! Many parents are always wondering whether to change the diaper after the baby urinates, so they frequently tear the waist sticker to check, and the oil on the hands will inevitably be sticked...

In fact, at present, high quality diapers on the market have been able to solve the problem of reverse osmosis very well, whether in product selection or in use.

Parents can judge whether the baby is urinating by the appearance of the diaper, or feel the weight of the diaper with their hands, and then decide whether it needs to be pulled and replaced.

certainly! When putting on diapers for your baby, you must keep your hands dry and clean to change your baby, so that the baby can be protected from bacteria and other dirt to the greatest extent.

 non woven frontal tape

As a diaper that is commonly used by babies, parents and mothers will always encounter various problems in actual use. The instability of diaper magic frontal tape is one of the very common problems. By understanding the causes, it is beneficial for parents and mothers to better use the diaper front waist stickers.

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