How Did Velcro Frontal Tape Come About?

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Velcro frontal tape, also known as hook and loop tape, mother in law stickers, thorn stickers, etc., is called a mother in law buckle in industry terms, and is a commonly used connection accessory. It is widely used, so it is very common in our lives, such as shoes, clothes, gloves, bags and so on. Come and learn about the front waist patch today.

1. The origin of velcro frontal tape

First, let's take a look at the origin of its name. It is converted from the English name "VELCRO". In the early 1980s, "VELCRO" entered China, and people saw that this thing was made of small and soft fibers on one side and plastic elastic fibers with hooks on the other side. Pulling will separate them again, a bit like magic, hence the name "Velcro".

 velcro frontal tape

2. The Invention of velcro frontal tape

As one of the 50 great inventions of the 20th century, velcro frontal tape has played an indispensable role in our lives. Its inspiration comes from a small detail in life. Xanthium, everyone is familiar with it. When you are out in the wild, your friends often use Xanthium to tease each other. The mature Xanthium will stick to your clothes mischievously and refuse to come off. Its invention is related to the cocklebur.

In 1948, the Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral was out hunting. When he was just sitting on the grass preparing to have a picnic, he suddenly felt that something pierced his body and stabbed him. He hurriedly stood up to check, it turned out that he was sitting on the cocklebur, not only his own pants, but even the hound beside him had a lot of cocklebur on his body. When he got home, it took him a long time to get rid of the cocklebur from his pants and from the hound, and the little prickly things stick especially well to dogs.

Xanthium caught Mistrao's attention, he carefully observed the surface of the cocklebur, and got an interesting discovery: under the microscope, he found that the small spines on the cocklebur were not straight, but were like small thorns. hook. It turned out that it was these little hooks that caught the fibers of the pants and the hair of the dog. He thought, if it imitated the structure of Xanthium, wouldn't it be possible to make a new convenient and reliable buckle? Its function is similar to buttons and zippers. This idea stimulated his desire to invent and create. After half a year of experimentation, he created a new type of buckle. The cloth A was covered with thorns like cocklebur, and there were many hooks woven. There are many small balls woven on it, just stick the two pieces of cloth lightly to each other to stick together. This is the first velcro frontal tape, whose patent was registered in Switzerland in 1951.

 magic frontal tape

At first, the velcro frontal tape that was made looked so ugly, like it was machined from cheap leftovers, and no one wanted to replace buttons and zippers with it. Gold always shines, however, and NASA scientists have discovered that the new buckle could help astronauts put on and take off heavy space suits more easily. As a result, it has been further improved and developed, and it has become a hero for human exploration of space. In addition to being used in aviation, military, medical, electronics and other professional fields, front waist stickers provide convenience in many aspects of our lives.

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