Talking About The Development Of Medical SMS Non Woven Fabric Raw Materials

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Since the "SARS" in 2003, my country's medical protective materials market has developed rapidly. According to basic functions, it can be roughly divided into two types: reusable and disposable. The former are mostly traditional textile products, and the latter generally refer to non woven fabrics.Among the non woven fabrics, SMS non woven fabric has developed rapidly. This paper discusses the use and functional modification of raw PP in SMS nonwovens.

SMS non woven fabric

1. Functional PP material of SMS non woven fabric

At present, in SMS non woven products, the most used raw material is still PP. Among them, surgical gowns are generally made of PP slices as raw materials, and non woven products are obtained by melt spinning.

In order to develop medical products with special functions such as shielding, softness, and health care, substances with special functions can be added when preparing polymer chips. For example, adding functional masterbatches during the processing of polymer chips makes the products have functions such as heat preservation, health care, antibacterial, and deodorization, and is more suitable for medical and health care.

Spunbond non woven fabric

2. PP modification process of SMS non woven fabric

PP modification generally has two kinds of physical modification and chemical modification. Physical modification refers to adding other substances through reinforcement, filling, blending and other methods to make it have new functions; chemical modification refers to changing the internal molecular structure of PP through grafting, copolymerization, crossover and other methods to achieve changes in performance. Purpose. From the production process of SMS non woven fabric, the method of physically modifying PP to give it functionality is very suitable for industrial production.

Functional modification of PP chips should consider its melting point, softening point and glass transition temperature, and analyze its rheological properties. During the polymer melting process, the temperature increases, the melt flow rate increases, the melt shear viscosity decreases, and the shear stress on the polymer melt decreases, thereby reducing the fiber diameter. Generally, when preparing functional chips, substances that reduce the melting temperature of the polymer are added to reduce the fiber diameter, unevenness and crystallinity, and at the same time, the spinning temperature can be reduced by 20 to 30 °C.

Different kinds of functional masterbatches are added according to the requirements of the final product. The raw materials of functional masterbatch generally include resin carrier, dispersing aid and functional additive. The raw materials are fully and uniformly mixed under a high speed mixer, extruded through a screw extruder, cooled, sliced, and pelletized to obtain functional masterbatches. The applicable functional masterbatches are: negative ion masterbatch, color masterbatch, antibacterial and deodorant masterbatch, soft masterbatch, etc.

 meltblown non woven fabric

At present, the disposable protective textiles used by medical institutions in our country have problems such as low proportion and low quality, which are prone to post operative infection, cross infection and repeated infection. The unique properties of SMS non woven fabric make them develop rapidly in the medical and health industry, and there is a trend to gradually replace traditional medical protective products. Functionalization, softness and comfort of SMS products, and ultra fine fibers are an important direction of current industry development. Starting from the modification of raw materials and further optimizing the process parameters will greatly promote the development and application of SMS nonwoven medical products.

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