What Is PE Laminated Non Woven ?

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1. What is PE laminated non woven? 

Non woven are what we call non woven fabric. This kind of fabric does not need to go through the process of spinning and weaving, and after its short fibers or filaments are randomly or directionally arranged to form a mesh structure, after reinforcement and other processes The production process and production cycle of non woven fabric and non woven are short, so the cost is naturally reduced.

laminated non woven fabric

2. The use of PE laminated non woven is very extensive

so it is necessary to composite non woven fabric with other materials. So what should be paid attention to when PE laminated non woven is laminated?

A. When applying glue, the glue must be applied on the front, it must be dry and clean, and the surface is free of dirt and oil;

B. Then add a small amount of diluent to the glue for dilution, so that the solvent will not volatilize, so that the glue maintains a good bonding effect;

C. After the non woven fabric is successfully compounded, it must be stored for 12 hours before it can be opened or transported to avoid the situation of insufficient adhesion.

laminated non woven

3.In the composite processing of PE laminated non woven

attention is paid to each process in order to produce and process good products. Each process requires a wealth of experience to understand the details.

PE laminated non woven

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