What Is Laminated Non Woven Fabric?

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1.The laminated non woven fabric is composed of two or more non woven fabrics with different properties or one of them is a non- woven fabric. Through physical or chemical methods, a non woven fabric with new properties is formed macroscopically. Various materials complement each other in performance, resulting in a synergistic effect, so that the comprehensive performance of the laminated non woven fabric is better than that of the original material to meet various requirements.

laminated non woven fabric

2.Laminated non woven fabric is a new type of packaging material. Non woven fabrics and other fabrics can be compounded in various ways, such as lamination treatment, hot pressing treatment, glue spray treatment, ultrasonic treatment, etc. Produce products with special functions, such as high strength, high water absorption, high barrier properties, high resistance to hydrostatic pressure, etc. Composite materials have been widely used in medical, health, protection, industrial and automotive industries.

laminated non woven

3.So what materials are used to laminated non woven fabric? Hot melt adhesive films are more and more widely used in non woven composite applications. The hot melt adhesive film is non sticky and non sticky at room temperature, which is convenient for transportation and storage. The product is similar to double sided tape, and the bottom layer is usually attached with a release paper (film). Usually, the adhesive layer is placed between the two layers of items to be bonded, by heating for 5-8 seconds and applying appropriate pressure, and when it cools, the two layers of material will be firmly bonded. Hot melt adhesive film lamination is a fabric processing method, and environmental protection is its symbol. Because the glue used has no solvent, there is no problem of pollution. The hot melt adhesive film can be composited between fabrics and fabrics, fabrics and leather, fabrics and PVC, or fabrics and leather, depending on the needs of customers.

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