Hot Melt Adhesive In Disposable Hygiene Products

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The hot-melt equipment used in the disposable hygiene industry is usually hotter and more complex with household glue guns, which is the only way to keep up with the speed of the production line. Unlike hot glue guns, hot glue is used for more than simply applying a thick layer. Instead, it is necessary to apply hot-melt adhesive for sanitary products to specific parts of diapers or sanitary napkins very precisely in a specific pattern through equipment. This creates a strong bond and improves product performance.
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1. In-depth understanding of hot melt adhesive

Manufacturers use hot melt adhesives for hygiene products in diapers and feminine care products for a variety of reasons. One of the main advantages is the fast action time, which can be used in high-speed production lines. Other benefits: adheres to a variety of substrates, bonds well in the wet and on the move all day, while contributing to the softness and flexibility of the product.
Each hot melt adhesive has a unique formula, but the main ingredients of this adhesive include:
(1) The polymer, which acts as the "backbone" to guarantee the intrinsic strength and good flexibility needed to hold the components together
(2) Resin to hold the layers together (adhesion)
(3) Plasticizers to improve flexibility and comfort
(4) Additives, extending shelf life, and providing special functions as needed, such as adding color or resisting ultraviolet (UV) rays, etc.
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2. Where are hot melt adhesive used in disposable hygiene products?

As with any formulation, the sequence and steps that lead to the final product of the adhesive are as important as the ingredients. Through the continuous efforts of the team of scientists, all the adhesives are used just right to bring out the best effect of hot melt adhesives.
(1) Basic structure of diapers: bonding the layers together with higher efficiency
(2) Ensures good core integrity: improves water absorption, prevents core displacement, and ensures no separation when wet
(3) Rubber band bonding: Under the stress caused by movement and weight, the rubber band can be fixed in place
(4) Connect the front waist sticker and the side waist sticker: prevent the diaper from falling off
(5) Fix the position of feminine care products: Make sure the product sticks to the underwear, but is not difficult to remove
(6) Urine gel: it will turn blue when the product needs to be replaced
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Just as someone finds it useful to use a hot glue gun in chores, now you know why hot glue is so important in diapers and other disposable hygiene products.

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