What Is The Difference Between Fluff Pulp And Paper Pulp?

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1. According to the use of fluff pulp, the properties of fluff pulp can be summarized into three parts, namely the general properties of fluff pulp, the properties of fluff pulp board and the properties of fluff. The general properties of fluff pulp include brightness, organic solvent extraction, fiber length and its distribution; the properties of fluff pulp board include basis weight, tightness, bursting strength, moisture; properties of fluff include specific volume, moisture absorption time and moisture absorption speed , Moisture absorption. Generally used in the production of various sanitary products, such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers, hospital mattresses, etc.
fluff Pulp

2. The quality of pulp is mainly determined by its fiber form and fiber purity; refined pulp is often used as a raw material for the manufacture of cellulose esters, cellulose ethers and other cellulose derivatives in addition to special paper. There are many performance indicators of pulp, which can be divided into two categories: physical and chemical properties; it can also be divided into mechanical pulp, chemical pulp and chemical mechanical pulp according to the processing method.

untreated fluff pulp

3. The difference between fluff pulp and pulp is that the raw materials are different. Fluff pulp is wood pulp and straw pulp after bleaching and extracting organic solvents. Pulp is a fibrous substance made from plant fibers by different processing methods.

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