The Difference Between Airlaid Paper And Fluff pulp

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The airlaid paper is made of paddle board, old newsprint, old writing paper, yellow core card waste paper, and then mixed with deinking agent, bleaching agent, cationic starch, bulking agent, spn-1 rosin gum, and liquid aluminum sulfate. 

absorbent paper

The auxiliary materials are prepared through the process of paddle preparation, paper making and drying. Airlaid paper is mainly used as the base paper or paper of decorative materials with light weight, low price and good performance;Airlaid paper has the characteristics of low tightness, good flatness and good machinability.

airlaid paper

Fluff pulp is wood pulp and straw pulp after bleaching and extracting organic solvents. Fluff pulp is a type of pulp that is used as an absorbent medium in the production of various hygiene products such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers, hospital mattresses, etc. So airlaid paper is not fluff pulp.

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