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Structure adhesive is used for bonding non woven/perforated film and PE back film, bonding absorbent paper and non woven fabric, PE or fluff pulp; bonding elastic waist and PE back film; bonding three dimensional leak proof molding; Bonding creates a solid all around seal that keeps the core material stable and in close contact. It is required to have good thermal stability, suitable opening time, good adhesion to PE film and non woven fabric, no reverse osmosis to non woven fabric/perforated film, no scalding of PE film, no migration, and good machine performance.

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Structure adhesives are generally divided into low temperature and high temperature. The application temperature of the low temperature structure adhesive is 110~130℃, and it can be directly coated on the plastic PE film without scalding or deformation, thereby increasing the selectivity and operability of the coating substrate.

structure adhesive

Structure adhesive is also used for the back layer of the sanitary napkin, its function is to stick the sanitary napkin on the underwear so that it will not move. It is required to have moderate peeling force of cotton cloth; good anti transfer performance, high cohesive strength; wide adaptability to seasonal regions, still good initial viscosity in low temperature environment; peeling force is not very sensitive to changes in coating thickness ; Good aging performance at room temperature, after long term storage of sanitary napkins, the peeling force and color of the structure adhesive have little change; good adaptability to substrates, moderate peeling force for various underwear fabrics; good thermal stability, in The color and physical properties in the glue tank change little; the color is light, the smell is low, and it is not too sensitive to ultraviolet light; the operation performance is good, the use temperature is moderate, it is easy to coat, safe, non toxic, and non allergic. Structure adhesives are divided into special adhesives for breathable films and ordinary adhesives for non breathable films. The special structure adhesive for breathable film requires the hot melt adhesive to have good oil resistance.

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