Types Of Diaper Velcro Side Tape

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1. The replacement of velcro side tape has made more and more products use velcro side tape products. Velcro side tape products are also upgraded and subdivided from traditional velcro side tape buttons to dozens of velcro side tape products, increasing the use of velcro side tape. Velcro side tape products have a very complete range and excellent quality. Velcro, also known as velcro side tape, is often seen in our daily necessities and has the function of being convenient and quick to use.

diaper side tape

Velcro cable management tape, the data line has the characteristics of multiple, messy, at this time, we need to use the velcro side tape cable management tape, which can play the role of arranging the wires, beautiful, and easy to distinguish and disassemble in the later stage.
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2. Color velcro side tape, the factory can produce various colors of velcro side tape, including red, green, purple, blue and other colors, customers can come to the production of drawings and samples.

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3. The use of velcro side tape is very convenient. It is divided into adhesive-backed velcro side tape and non-adhesive Velcro. It can be used after pasting on the product, and it is also very easy to disassemble the product. Velcro side tape products bring convenience to people's life and work. Velcro side tape products are more comfortable to use, allowing users to use Velcro products comfortably.

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