Tips For Choosing A Diaper With Elastic Waistband Non Woven

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What is the elastic waistband non woven?

Since each baby's body shape is different, and when the baby is 3 months old, he has already begun to learn to look up and learn to use the activities of various parts of the body to explore the world; plus the waistband circumference will change before and after meals, so Whether the elastic waistband non woven design of diapers is reasonable is particularly important. The unreasonably designed diapers will strangle the baby, and the movement will not be easy and the breathing will not be smooth. With the development of the times, the design of diapers has become more and more scientific. Terms such as embracing elastic waistband non woven, 360° elastic waistband non woven, elastic side waistband, and magic buckle have become popular, so in the face of various propaganda slogans , how do we choose a diaper with an excellent elastic waistband non woven?

diaper elastic waistband non woven

Buying tip A: The side waistband is also elastic, and the abdomen is comfortable and leak-proof.Studies have found that the expansion and contraction of the abdomen and side waistband can be as high as 20% when the baby is moving, so the elastic waistband non woven can ensure the baby's comfort but not loose and leak urine. Use a diaper with elastic waistband non woven, which can be stretched appropriately to prevent leakage.

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Buying tip B: Widened elastic back waistbandline and waistband stickers, more uniform elasticity and stronger support.The spacious elastic waistband non woven design makes the elastic waistband of the diaper more uniform, and the oversized and widened waistband sticker design makes the sticking area of the waistband sticker and waistband circumference wider, making the sticking more firm, and greatly enhancing the support force of the diaper.

elastic waistband non woven

Buying tip C: 360-degree all-round elastic waistband, close-fitting and comfortable like a mother's hands hugging.The 360-degree all-round elastic waistband non woven is the most frequently mentioned in the publicity of diapers at present, such as "encircling elastic waistband non woven" and "360-degree three-dimensional waistband". In addition to diapers with buckles, it is also a good choice for crawling baby pull-up pants. Pull-up pants are more docile and soft in waistband design than diapers. Generally, the waistband is wider and the crotch is more elastic, which can be like panties. Use, the baby is easy to put on and take off while standing, and the true 360-degree all-round elastic waistband non woven is close to the body and comfortable.

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