Versatile Application of Viscose Spunlace Non Woven in Diaper Production

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Versatile Application of Spunlace Non Woven in Diaper Production



Spunlace non woven fabric, also known as hydroentangled fabric, has become an indispensable material in the production of diapers. This versatile material offers numerous advantages over traditional fabrics, such as enhanced softness, high absorbency, and improved functionality. In this article, we will explore the various applications of spunlace non woven fabric in diaper production, highlighting its role in providing comfort and convenience for both babies and caregivers.

Improved Wetting Ability

Hot air non woven

One of the key benefits of using spunlace non woven fabric in diapers is its superior wetting ability. The fabric is manufactured by entangling fibers through a high-pressure water jet process, which creates a three-dimensional structure with high density and porosity. This unique structure allows for faster liquid penetration and absorption, keeping the baby's skin dry and comfortable. Additionally, the enhanced wetting ability helps to prevent leakage, ensuring the diaper remains securely in place.

Furthermore, the increased wetting ability of spunlace non woven fabric contributes to improved odor control. The fabric effectively locks in moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria, reducing the unpleasant smell commonly associated with wet diapers. This not only ensures a more pleasant experience for both the baby and caregiver but also promotes better hygiene and overall well-being.

Enhanced Softness and Comfort

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Comfort is paramount when it comes to diaper design, and spunlace non woven fabric excels in providing a soft and gentle touch against the baby's delicate skin. The entangled fibers create a smooth surface that minimizes friction and irritation, preventing rashes and discomfort. Moreover, the fabric's high breathability allows for better air circulation, reducing the risk of skin irritation caused by trapped moisture or heat.

Spunlace non woven fabric also offers excellent flexibility, conforming closely to the baby's body contours. This ensures a snug fit and maximum comfort, enabling babies to move freely without any restrictions. The fabric's stretchability and elasticity further contribute to its superior comfort, making it an ideal choice for active babies who are constantly on the move.

Versatile Design Options

The versatility of spunlace non woven fabric extends beyond its functional benefits. It can be easily customized to meet the specific design requirements of different diaper brands. The fabric can be embossed, printed, or laminated with various patterns and colors, allowing for attractive and eye-catching designs. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the diapers but also adds a fun and playful element to the overall diaper-wearing experience.

Moreover, spunlace non woven fabric can be combined with other materials to enhance specific properties. For example, it can be integrated with superabsorbent polymers to further enhance absorbency, or with breathable films to improve airflow while maintaining leak protection. This adaptability and compatibility make spunlace non woven fabric a versatile choice for diaper manufacturers, enabling them to create diapers that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of consumers.


In conclusion, spunlace non woven fabric plays a pivotal role in the production of diapers, offering a range of benefits that enhance both comfort and functionality. Its improved wetting ability, enhanced softness, and versatility in design make it a preferred choice for diaper manufacturers worldwide. As technology continues to advance, we can expect further innovations in spunlace non woven fabric, bringing even more comfort and convenience to babies and caregivers alike.

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