What is the definition of printed spunbond?

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1. Definition of printed spunbond

The printing of non woven fabrics is a method of making printing pastes with various dyes or pigments, adding some parts to the non woven fabrics and obtaining various patterns. In order to realize the textile printing used in the processing method, it is called the printing process and is also the production process of the printed spunbond non woven fabric.

printed spunbond

2. Printing method

The printed spunbond method can be distinguished according to the printing process and printing equipment, mainly from the following printing processes.
A. Direct printing: The dye paste printed on white cloth can also be printed on light colored cloth. The dyes printed on the dye paste can be dyed to obtain various patterns. The color of printed spunbond dyes has some color coverage and color mixing effect on light ground. This is direct printing.

B. Inkjet printing: It is a method of dyeing and printing on non woven fabrics. Inkjet printing can obtain good color and luster, clear surface, exquisite pattern, rich color effect, and also has the disadvantage of base color dye when choosing constraints, and this printed spunbond cycle time is long and the cost is relatively high.

non woven fabric

C. Anti-dye printing: It is a method of printed spunbond and re-dyeing on non woven fabrics. Chemicals that can be dyed with dye dyes can be put into the printing paste before dyeing.
D. Anti-printing: When all processing is done in the printer, the printing method is called anti-printing.

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