What Are The Requirements For Elastic Waistband Of Diapers

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Experts say that when a baby moves, the expansion and contraction of the abdomen and side waist can vary by as much as 20%.. The elastic waistband of the diaper keeps your baby comfortable without sagging and leaking urine. If the waistline of the diaper is unreasonably designed, it will strangle the baby, making it difficult to move freely, and it will make breathing difficult.

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The Huggies diaper adopts an embracing elastic waistband, and the waist adopts a novel design similar to a loose tight belt. The elasticity is super large and conforms to the baby's body curve. There will be no "dropping pants" phenomenon during the activity, which is very in line with the characteristics of the baby's hyperactivity; 

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the design of the elastic waistband is made of special materials, it is a non-adhesive waist tape, it will not stick to the baby's skin, and it can be used repeatedly, and the stickiness will not be caused by Repeated pasting is affected, and it is very firm after pasting. The embracing elastic waistband design fully reflects the considerate and careful design of the diaper designer, starting from the characteristics of the baby's restlessness, and innovatively designing the baby's comfort in using the diaper, so that the baby can sleep peacefully and comfortably. every night!

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