Demand For Disposable Non Woven Fabric For Personal Hygiene Will Grow

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A new analysis expects demand for disposable non woven fabric for personal hygiene to grow at an annual rate of 1.4% through 2024, due to continued weakness in baby diapers. Gains came almost entirely from growing sales of adult incontinence products, which was supported by the rapidly growing elderly population in the U.S. market.

Opportunities in the personal hygiene market will come from continuous product development aimed at increasing the adoption of these products and increasing market value. Areas of improvement include: performance, especially comfort or absorbency; sustainability, such as offering recycled or plant-based and biodegradable fibers; and more self-contained, underwear-like adult incontinence products.
Disposable non woven fabric
However, growth through 2024 will be limited by falling birth rates and slow (less than 1%) growth in demand for baby diapers and training pants. In 2019, these two categories accounted for nearly three-quarters of nonwovens demand for personal hygiene products.

However, this would mark an improvement compared to the 2014-2019 period, where a contraction in the infant/toddler population corresponds to a stagnation in this key area. By 2024, as the total population grows, the young child population will grow on average, which will support the sales of training pants, which are larger and more disposable non woven fabric materials.

This study covers the United States Personal Hygiene disposable non woven fabric industry. Provides historical data for 2009, 2014, and 2019, as well as nonwovens production (total) and demand (by web formation process and application) for 2024 and 2029, in current dollars (not adjusted for inflation). Total demand is also shown in square meters and metric tons.
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According to the weaving process of production materials, disposable non woven fabric are divided into: spunmelt method (spunbond method and meltblown method), carding method, wet cloth method and air cloth method.

Key application areas include: baby diapers and training pants, adult incontinence products and feminine hygiene products.

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 The total number of disposable non woven fabric presented in this study includes disposable non woven fabrics sold in the commercial market. Nonwovens for proprietary production are not included in these figures. In addition, this study discusses the impact on Covid-19, price trends, competitive products, and global outlook for disposable non woven fabrics for personal hygiene.

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