super absorbent polymer diapers

super absorbent polymer diapers

1. S uper absorbent polymer diapers With the popularization of the application of baby diapers, people's research on the application of diapers is getting more and more in-depth. The basic materials of diapers include non-woven fabrics, super-absorbent resin (SAP), hot-melt adhesive, etc. The research and development system for super-absorbent resin has basically matured, and a number of leading suppliers have emerged, such as Sumitomo and Catalyst abroad. , German BASF, domestic Formosa Plastics, Satellite, Denson, Nuoer, etc. The current problem is how to rationally apply the mature SAP in diapers, and how to choose SAP to make a dry and comfortable diaper. This article briefly introduces the definition and verification methods of super absorbent polymer diapers.

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