What is SAP powder?

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1. Concept of SAP powder,super absorbent polymer

SAP powder is a new type of functional polymer material that contains strong hydrophilic groups such as hydroxyl and carboxyl groups and has a certain degree of cross-linking. SAP powder can absorb hundreds of times to thousands of times its own weight in water, non-toxic, harmless, and pollution-free; super water absorption capacity, super high water retention capacity, high molecular weight polymer obtained by acrylic polymerization → high water retention capacity, high The balance of absorption under load, the absorbed water cannot be squeezed out by simple physical methods, and can repeatedly release and absorb water.

SAP powder

2. Features of SAP powder

SAP powder is insoluble in water and in organic solvents, and has unique properties: strong water absorption and water retention. Compared with traditional water-absorbing materials such as sponge, cotton, cellulose, and silica gel, superabsorbent resin has a large water absorption capacity, and can quickly absorb liquid water that is dozens or even thousands of times its own weight, and has strong water retention, even when heated. It is not easy to lose water under pressure, and at the same time has some characteristics of polymer materials.

3. Application of SAP powder

In daily life, baby disposable diapers, astronaut diapers, napkins, handkerchiefs, bandages, absorbent cotton, sanitary napkins, etc.

super absorbent polymer powder

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