reusable menstrual pads

reusable menstrual pads

Sanitary napkin is a kind of absorbent material, the main material is non-woven fabric, fluff pulp, absorbent paper, PE film cotton and other material composites formed of high molecular polymer and high molecular polymer composite paper, these substances contain The chemical composition of the waste is harmful to health, and it is difficult to dispose of after being discarded. Landfilling will pollute the soil and groundwater, and incineration will produce the century-old carcinogen "dioxin" to pollute the air. Disposable sanitary napkins are widely used because of their convenience, but under the premise of the current shortage of resources and environmental pollution, the problem of environmental pollution caused by discarding sanitary napkins after use is very serious. Generally, it takes more than 200 years to degrade by themselves after being discarded. Incineration treatment will produce dioxins, and due to the material of sanitary napkins, it is difficult to guarantee the bacterial infection of women during menstruation. In order to solve the problem of environmental pollution after the existing disposable sanitary napkins are discarded and some women are allergic to disposable sanitary napkins, Xie Keman proposed a reusable sanitary napkin. The technical solution is as follows: Reusable menstrual pads, the body of the sanitary napkin is in the shape of a bar, including a packaging layer with a cavity inside, which is composed of a skin-friendly layer and a bottom layer, and an absorbent layer covering the bottom layer, and the skin-friendly layer has multiple mesh holes Made of cotton cloth, the absorbent layer is made of multiple layers of cotton gauze sequentially superimposed and the edges are stitched or pressed, or the absorbent layer is made of pressed cotton, and the bottom layer is made of cotton cloth; there are two wings outside the bottom layer, the There are also snap buttons on the wings.

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