What Are The Raw Materials Used In Sanitary Pads?

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1. The types of raw materials used in sanitary pads

There are many raw materials used in sanitary pads, such as: high-molecular polymer and high-molecular polymer composite paper formed from cotton, non-woven fabric, paper pulp or the composite of the above materials. Sanitary napkins can be divided into dry mesh sanitary napkins, soft cotton sanitary napkins and pure cotton sanitary napkins according to their raw materials.

raw materials used in sanitary pads

A. Sanitary napkins in the dry mesh category

This type of sanitary napkin surface layer is made of various perforated films. The general raw materials are mainly polyethylene substances, such as Lil-lets dry mesh sanitary napkins. Yes, the surface layer material is made of polyethylene non-woven fabric. Generally, the surface layer of these sanitary napkins has a mesh design to fully absorb and ensure dryness and freshness.

B. Cotton soft sanitary napkins

The surface layer of cotton soft sanitary napkins is made of various non-woven materials, mainly polypropylene, polyethylene non-woven fabrics and the like. Super soft surface, soft and breathable surface, comfortable and skin-friendly.

sanitary pad raw material

C. Pure cotton sanitary napkins

Pure cotton sanitary napkins refer to sanitary napkins whose surface layer is made of pure cotton material, and its main components are pure cotton non-woven fabrics.

Absorbent health care products refer to feminine sanitary napkins, baby diapers, and adult incontinence products, among others. These products are made of non-woven fabrics and microporous membranes and absorbent materials according to the technology, of which the most rapid development is undoubtedly the feminine sanitary napkin. Since the advent of feminine sanitary napkins in the early 1980s, due to their convenience, comfort and cleanliness, they have been gradually accepted and loved by women, thus gradually replacing traditional menstrual products such as towels. Knowing about raw materials used in sanitary pads is helpful for women to further understand sanitary products.

sanitary pads material

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