ES fiber ADL

ES fiber ADL

As an important functional layer that can improve the absorption performance of absorbent articles, ES fiber ADL has been valued by more and more domestic manufacturers of absorbent sanitary articles. However, my country's ES fiber ADL market is still in its infancy, and absorbent product manufacturers still have some problems in the use and function of the diversion layer. For example, some companies use a layer of blue ordinary hot air or spunbond nonwovens as the guide Flow layer, these products are less than 20 g/m, soft in texture, poor in stiffness, and cannot play the role of diversion at all; some companies use thinner spunlace nonwovens to fold in 3 folds, so that they have a certain degree of stability. The thickness acts as a diversion layer, but this product only has an absorption function, not a diversion function, and it is very easy to seep back. In addition, in order to increase the selling point of products, many companies prefer dyed (mostly blue) diversion layer products. However, in terms of saving materials and costs, consumers should be correctly guided and actively promote white (non-dyed) diversion layer products. layer product. Ordinary sanitary pads (except for special-purpose sanitary pads that function as mini-towels) are only used during non-menstrual periods, and the requirements for absorption capacity are not large. There is no need to add a diversion layer to increase the selling point of the product, which wastes materials. Make cost increase again, be unfavorable for energy saving and emission reduction.

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