Key Applications of PE Laminated Non Woven in Diaper Production

Author:Baby & Adult Diaper Materials FROM:Diaper Materials Manufacturer TIME:2023-07-19

PE laminated non woven is a crucial component in the production of diapers. It provides multiple benefits, such as enhanced absorption capacity, improved leakage protection, and increased comfort for babies. This article aims to explore the key applications of PE laminated non woven in diaper production, highlighting its importance in ensuring the quality and performance of diapers.

1. Enhanced Absorption Capacity


One of the primary applications of PE laminated non woven in diaper production is to enhance the absorption capacity of the diaper. The non woven fabric acts as a layer that facilitates the absorption of liquid, ensuring that the baby's skin remains dry and comfortable. The PE lamination on the non woven fabric helps prevent any leakage, keeping the diaper hygienic and preventing discomfort for the baby.

Moreover, the PE lamination prevents the liquid from flowing back, ensuring that the absorption capacity of the diaper is optimized. This feature is crucial in preventing leaks and avoiding any potential skin irritation. The use of PE laminated non woven in diapers ensures that the liquid is distributed evenly across the diaper, enhancing its overall absorption efficiency.

2. Improved Leakage Protection


PE laminated non woven plays a vital role in providing improved leakage protection in diapers. The lamination creates a waterproof barrier, preventing any liquid from seeping out of the diaper. This feature is especially important during overnight usage when the diaper needs to offer maximum leakage protection.

The PE lamination on the non woven fabric acts as a highly effective barrier against liquids, preventing any potential leaks even under pressure. This not only ensures the baby's comfort but also reduces the chances of contamination and keeps the surroundings clean. The combination of the non woven fabric and PE lamination provides a secure and leak-proof seal, making diapers more reliable.

3. Increased Comfort for Babies


PE laminated non woven also contributes to increased comfort for babies during diaper usage. The non woven fabric with PE lamination offers a soft and gentle surface that is comfortable against the baby's skin. It prevents any friction or irritation, making the diaper wearing experience more pleasant for the baby.

In addition, the breathability of the PE laminated non woven fabric allows air circulation, keeping the baby's skin dry and reducing the likelihood of rashes or allergies. This is particularly crucial for babies with sensitive skin. The PE lamination ensures that the diaper remains dry on the outside, preventing any potential discomfort caused by wetness.

In conclusion, PE laminated non woven plays a significant role in diaper production. Its key applications include enhancing absorption capacity, improving leakage protection, and increasing comfort for babies. The combination of non woven fabric and PE lamination ensures the quality, performance, and reliability of diapers, ultimately ensuring the well-being of babies and providing convenience for parents.

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