Super Absorbent Polymer Powder

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Super absorbent polymer powder is a new type of functional polymer material. It has hydrophilic groups, can absorb a large amount of water, swell and keep water from flowing out of synthetic resins, such as starch grafted acrylates, grafted acrylamide, high Degree of substitution croscarmellose, croscarmellose grafted acrylamide, cross-linked hydroxyethyl cellulose grafted acrylamide polymers, etc., can generally absorb more than 100 times the volume of water equivalent to the resin volume , the highest water absorption rate can reach more than 1000 times, generally used as medical materials, such as diapers, sanitary napkins, etc., and also used as plugging materials in industry.

super absorbent polymer powder

Super absorbent polymer powder is a reticular macromolecule non-toxic polymer with strong water absorption properties. This product adopts the most advanced technology abroad.

Super absorbent polymer powder has a wide range of uses and has a very broad application prospect. At present, its main use is still sanitary products, accounting for about 70% of the total market. Because Super absorbent polymer powder has great water absorption capacity and excellent water retention performance, it has a wide range of applications in agriculture and forestry as a soil water retention agent. If a small amount of superabsorbent sodium polyacrylate is added to the soil, the germination rate of certain beans and the drought resistance of soybean seedlings can be improved, and the air permeability of the soil can be enhanced. In addition, due to the hydrophilicity and excellent anti-fogging and anti-condensation properties of the superabsorbent resin, it can be used as a new packaging material. Packaging films made of the unique properties of superabsorbent polymers can effectively maintain food freshness. Adding a small amount of super absorbent polymer in cosmetics can also increase the viscosity of the emulsion, which is an ideal thickener. Utilizing the characteristics of super absorbent polymer that only absorbs water but not oil or organic solvent, it can also be used as a dehydrating agent in industry.

Super absorbent polymer powder has been widely used in the field of medicine in recent years due to its non-toxic, non-irritating to human body, no side effects, and no blood coagulation. For example, it is used for external ointment with high water content and comfortable use; the production of medical bandages and cotton balls that can absorb surgical and traumatic bleeding and secretions, and can prevent purulence; manufacture of anti-bacterial drugs that allow moisture and pharmaceuticals to pass but microorganisms cannot penetrate. Infectious artificial skin, etc.

With the development of science and technology, environmental protection has attracted more and more people's attention. If the superabsorbent polymer is put into a bag soluble in sewage, and the bag is immersed in the sewage, when the bag is dissolved, the superabsorbent polymer can quickly absorb the liquid and solidify the sewage.

SAP powder

In the electronics industry, Super absorbent polymer powder can also be used as humidity sensor, moisture measurement sensor and water leakage detector. Superabsorbent polymers can be used as heavy metal ion adsorbents and oil-absorbing materials.

In a word, Super absorbent polymer powder is a polymer material with a wide range of uses, and the vigorous development of super absorbent polymer resin has huge market potential. In the case of drought and little rainfall in most of northern my country this year, how to further promote and use superabsorbent polymers is an urgent task for agricultural and forestry scientists and technicians. During the implementation of the western development strategy, in the work of improving the soil, vigorously develop and apply a variety of practical functions of super absorbent polymers, which have practical social benefits and potential economic benefits.

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