PE laminated non woven for diaper making

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Polyethylene (PE) laminated non woven is a widely used material in the manufacturing of disposable baby diapers, adult incontinence products, and sanitary napkins. This material is composed of layers of non woven fabric that are coated with a thin layer of PE, providing a waterproof barrier that prevents leakage.

The Advantages of PE Laminated Non Woven

One of the main advantages of using PE laminated non woven in diaper manufacturing is its ability to efficiently wick moisture away from the skin, keeping babies dry and comfortable. Additionally, this material is important for preventing leaks and reducing the risk of skin irritation. When compared to other materials, PE laminated non woven is more durable and resistant to tearing. It can also be easily stretched, allowing for a better fit around the waist and legs of the diaper.

laminated non woven fabric

The Manufacturing Process of PE Laminated Non Woven

The manufacturing process of PE laminated non woven involves several steps. First, a layer of non woven fabric is produced by bonding fibers together using heat or chemicals. Next, a thin layer of PE is applied onto the non woven fabric using a heated roller, creating a waterproof barrier. Finally, the laminated non woven is cut into the desired size and shape for use in diaper manufacturing.

PE laminated non woven

The Environmental Impact of PE Laminated Non Woven

While PE laminated non woven is an effective material for diaper manufacturing, its environmental impact has become a growing concern. The production of PE requires petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource. Additionally, the disposal of used diapers made from this material can contribute to landfill waste. Efforts are being made to reduce the environmental impact of PE laminated non woven, such as using recycled PE and designing more eco-friendly diaper products.

In conclusion, PE laminated non woven is a crucial material in the manufacturing of disposable diapers, providing important benefits such as leak protection and moisture-wicking capabilities. While its environmental impact is a concern, efforts are being made to promote more sustainable practices within the industry.

pe laminated non woven fabric

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