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The demand for disposable diapers has increased substantially over the years, with more parents opting for convenience and ease of use. The introduction of advanced guide layers like ADL has helped to improve the efficiency of disposable diapers. In this article, we will discuss the properties and benefits of the ADL guide layer in paper diapers.

Properties of ADL Guide Layer

The acquisition distribution layer (ADL) is an essential component in modern disposable diaper design. Its function is to distribute and store urine for better absorption by the diaper core. The ADL guide layer is made up of a non-woven material and is placed on top of the absorbent core. The material used in ADL is soft, porous and has excellent wicking properties, which allows for quick absorption and even distribution of liquid throughout the diaper.

ADL guide layer

Benefits of ADL Guide Layer

The ADL guide layer has several advantages when used in disposable diapers. Firstly, it helps to keep the baby's skin dry by facilitating the rapid distribution of urine away from the skin. This prevents irritation and rashes, which are common in babies wearing wet diapers for prolonged periods of time. Secondly, the ADL guide layer also enables the diaper to hold more urine, which means fewer diaper changes for parents. Finally, it helps to keep the diaper's weight and bulk down by ensuring that the urine is distributed evenly throughout the diaper.

ADL non woven


In conclusion, the ADL guide layer is a crucial component in modern disposable diaper design. Its function of quickly distributing and storing urine enables parents to keep their baby's skin dry while reducing the frequency of diaper changes. The soft, porous non-woven material used in ADL also helps to keep the diaper lightweight and comfortable for the baby. Therefore, it is no surprise that ADL guide layers are becoming increasingly popular in the disposable diaper industry, and we can expect to see even more innovative designs in the future.


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