Composite Technology And Combined Process Of Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric

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1. Non-woven composite technology

Since the 1980s, my country has begun to introduce spunbond equipment and technology to produce spunbond nonwoven fabric. Because spunbond nonwoven fabric has the advantages of good product performance, low cost and wide application, it has developed rapidly in our country. This article briefly introduces the composite technology and combined process of spunbond nonwoven fabric. Non-woven fabric composite technology is a processing technology that combines two or more non-woven fabrics or other materials with different properties to make a multi-layer non-woven fabric with multi-function, high performance and high applicability. The spunbonded composite process products mainly include SMS, SMMS, SPC and so on.

spunbond nonwoven fabric

2. SMS composite

SMS products combine the performance and characteristics of spunbond and meltblown nonwoven materials, and have the advantages of soft hand feeling, high strength, small pore size, good shielding performance and certain light aging resistance. According to the composite method, it can be divided into online composite SMS, offline composite SMS and one-and-a-half-step composite SMS.

Online compounding is a technology that combines spunbond and meltblown production lines, the so-called one-step process. The online composite SMS can randomly adjust the structural ratio of the spunbond layer and the meltblown layer according to the performance requirements of the product. The product has good air permeability, filtration performance, and greatly improved hydrostatic pressure resistance; it can produce low-weight products, the lowest Up to 12g/square meter. However, the production investment cost is high, the construction period is long, the production technology is relatively difficult, and the start-up loss is large, so it is not suitable for small order production.

3. Offline composite

Off-line compounding is the technology of combining the non-woven fabrics prepared by the two technologies through a certain process to make a new non-woven fabric (also known as the two-step method). Off-line composite SMS has high flexibility, suitable for small order production, small investment and quick effect, suitable for products with high content of melt-blown nonwovens and high composite material filtration, and hydrostatic pressure resistance. However, the performance of the product is not ideal. For example, the melt-blown fabric produced alone does not have the support of the spunbond fabric, so it is difficult to adjust the melt-blown process flexibly, and it is difficult to improve the air permeability of the product.

spunbond material

4. Online composite

In view of the shortcomings of large investment in online compounding and high weight in offline compounding, a one-and-a-half-step compounding process has been developed. Its advantage is that it solves the problem that low-weight products cannot be produced off-line, and the process adjustment is flexible, and the product variety can be flexibly changed by changing spunbonded fabrics of different colors and grammes. The disadvantage is that the rolling point on the composite spunbond nonwoven fabric has a certain influence on the air permeability of the product.

5. Combination of two-component spunbond and spunlace process

The composite technology of two-component spunbond and spunlace refers to drying PA, PP or PET slices separately, extruder melting and filtering, and injecting two different melts into the spinning assembly for spinning, airflow, etc. After stretching and laying the net, it enters the spunlace machine, breaks up the fibers with high-pressure water to make superfine fibers, and then dries them into rolls to make superfine fiber nonwovens. Related technical equipment such as Reiter Perfojet's SPUNjet spunbonded spunlace composite production line. The fiber diameter of the nonwoven fabric produced by the two-component spunbond spunlace technology is small, and it has a denser and messier three-dimensional structure than ordinary synthetic fibers. Good, high strength, soft to the touch. Moreover, the production process is pollution-free and has obvious energy-saving and emission-reduction effects. It is an energy-saving and environment-friendly high-tech.

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