Improvement Of Pe Coated Lamination Film Device

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1. PE coated lamination film

Coated non-woven fabrics, also known as composite non-woven fabrics, are conventionally heated and melted by an extruder to form a fluid state of plastic particles, which are extruded to make them flow out of the film in a slit within a certain width, and Cover it on non-woven fabric, and make PE coated lamination film after cooling and sticking.

Most of the existing PE coated lamination film devices use a slit structure to allow the plastic melt to flow out, but the slit structure is inconvenient to adjust its width, that is, the existing PE coated lamination film device is only suitable for non-woven fabrics of one width Use, the use is limited. If PE coated lamination film of different widths is produced, the slit structure needs to be replaced. The operation steps are cumbersome, which not only increases the manufacturing cost, but also reduces the production efficiency.

Therefore, Gao Weiqing and Cheng Baoyin provided a PE coated lamination film device: including a base, a protective cover is installed on the upper end of the base, a material inlet is opened at the left end of the protective cover, and a material outlet is opened at the right end of the protective cover. The upper end of the protective cover is equipped with an extruder, the upper wall of the inner cavity of the protective cover is provided with a coating mechanism, and the inner front wall and the inner rear wall of the protective cover are jointly equipped with a horizontal plate, and the horizontal plate is located at the top of the coating mechanism. Directly below, a preheating plate is embedded in the end surface of the horizontal plate, an arc plate is installed on the left end of the horizontal plate, and several rollers are movably connected to the inner front wall and the inner rear wall of the protective cover. The mechanism includes an incubator, the lower end of the incubator is provided with several first connecting pipes, a valve is installed at the lower end of the first connecting pipe, a nozzle is installed at the lower end of the valve, and a second connecting pipe is installed at the rear end of the incubator , the second connecting pipe is connected to the liquid outlet of the extruder.

lamination film

2.Compared with the prior art

the PE coated lamination film device has the following beneficial effects:

A. By setting several nozzles to replace the slit structure, the existing slits with a certain width are converted into slit nozzles with shorter widths to meet the manufacturing requirements of PE coated lamination film with different widths. During production, firstly, according to Select the appropriate number of nozzles for the width of the PE coated lamination film that needs to be produced. The valves above the required nozzles are temporarily closed, and the valves above the unnecessary nozzles are directly closed, and then the plastic particles are heated and melted into a fluid by the extruder. The melt enters the incubator through the second connecting pipe. After a certain period of time, when the content of the plastic melt in the incubator meets the demand, the valve above the required nozzle is opened synchronously, and then the output end of the hydraulic cylinder is extended and driven to push The plate descends, so that the melt flows out through the nozzle and forms a film, and finally covers the non-woven fabric, and after cooling and sticking, the film-coated non-woven fabric is obtained;

PE coated lamination film

B. The non-woven fabric is in a tight state by setting the roller and the arc-shaped plate, reducing the probability of non-woven fabric wrinkles, and heating the non-woven fabric in advance by setting the preheating plate, which facilitates the bonding of the non-woven fabric and the plastic melt, improving The quality of PE coated lamination film, by setting a protective cover to separate the nozzle and the non-woven fabric, to avoid the dust in the environment from adhering to the non-woven fabric, and also to improve the safety of the operator in contact with the high-temperature nozzle.

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