Improved Film Slitter For Breathable Laminated Backsheet

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1. Related technologies of Breathable laminated backsheet

Breathable laminated backsheet, also known as composite film, is a polymer material composed of two or more layers of films of different materials, mainly used for packaging. In actual use, the breathable composite film will use a film slitting machine to cut the wide-width film raw material into narrow-width films of different widths according to the different sizes of the packaging. In the related art, the film slitting machine includes a frame on which guide rollers and take-up rollers are rotated respectively, and there are multiple take-up rollers, and a blade holder for cutting the film is also fixedly arranged on the frame, and the blade holder There is a blade on the top, the blade is located between the guide roller and the winding roller, the film is transported by the guide roller, and then cut into multiple parts by the blade, and then wound on different winding rollers, when it is necessary to cut films of different widths , The operator probes into the middle of the film slitting machine with his hand, and manually adjusts the position of the blade.

In the above-mentioned related technologies, the arm span of the operator is limited. When the size of the film slitting machine is large, the actual distance between the blade frame and the operator is relatively long, and it is difficult for the operator to manually adjust the position of the blade.

Breathable laminated backsheet

2. Improve security

In order to solve the problem of inconvenient adjustment of the blade position when cutting films of different widths, Minqiang Qiu proposed a film slitter for Breathable laminated backsheet: it includes a frame, on which there are horizontally arranged raw material rolls for winding wide-width films, A guide roller for guiding the movement of the film and a winding roller for winding the narrow film, the frame is also provided with a cutting device for cutting the film, the cutting device includes a blade, and the cutting device It also includes a blade frame for installing blades, and a driving part for driving the blade frame to move along the width direction of the film is arranged on the frame. 

Breathable laminated film

The cutting machine includes at least one of the following beneficial technical effects:

The adjustment of the blade position can be realized by operating the driving part, which reduces the probability of manually adjusting the blade position, makes the adjustment of the blade position more convenient, and reduces the probability of the operator being scratched by the blade when the blade position is adjusted, improving safety; The cover plate is detachable, so that the operator can adjust the number of blade holders through the inner hole, which enhances the practicality; the hydraulic cylinder lifts can drive the blade holder and the blade to lift up, so that the blade leaves the surface of the film, providing an operating space for the operator to replace the film, and improving safety sex.

Breathable laminated sheet

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