Improvement Of Elastic Nonwoven For Waist Diapers

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1. The elasticity of the elastic band matches different waist sizes

Diapers are a kind of sanitary products commonly used by babies. Compared with traditional diapers, diapers do not need to be cleaned frequently, and the form of one-time replacement is safer and more convenient to use. Therefore, diapers have become the choice of most parents. There is a category of products in diapers It is called underpants type diapers, which are commonly called pull-up pants. Different from other stick-on diaper series that need to be fixed by waist stickers, pull-up pants are shaped like underwear, which are more snug and elastic than diapers, and are more convenient to wear when you lift them up. The reason why the pull-up pants can fit around the baby's waist is because in the existing pull-up pants, its elastic nonwoven for waist structure is fixed connection with elastic and non-woven fabric, and the elasticity of the elastic is used to match different Baby's waist. But when the baby keeps wearing it, since the elastic bands are arranged on the surface of the non-woven fabric, the non-woven fabric is bonded into a wrinkled shape, and the elastic bands used to connect the folds are directly exposed, which will cause the baby's skin to be damaged. For the baby's delicate skin, many folds and exposed elastic bands will squeeze and wear the baby's skin, and the fine wrinkle pattern of the non-woven fabric will be printed on the baby's skin surface to form skin folds, and it is prone to strangulation.

 elastic nonwoven for waist

2. The invention of Elastic nonwoven for waist

In order to solve the above-mentioned technical problems, Huang Lin and Chen Wei provided a paper diaper elastic nonwoven for waist, which includes an elastic member and an enclosure layer, the enclosure layer includes an outer enclosure layer and an inner enclosure layer, and the elastic member includes a second An elastic member, a first elastic member is fixedly connected between the outer closure layer and the inner closure layer, and the outer closure layer wraps the inner closure layer and the first elastic member, and the outer closure layer and the inner closure layer Blister cavities are formed between laminated layers.

elastic waistband

By adopting the above technical solution, the elastic nonwoven for waist of the diaper is divided into an elastic member and an enclosing layer, the enclosing layer includes an outer enclosing layer and an inner enclosing layer, and the first elastic member is fixedly connected between the outer enclosing layer and the inner enclosing layer Finally, the outer joint layer wraps the inner joint layer and the first elastic part again to form a foaming cavity between the outer joint layer and the inner joint layer. The foaming cavity makes the elastic nonwoven for waist of the diaper softer and more breathable. The glue-free connection enhances the overall breathability, and the multi-layer material has a better fluffy feeling, making it more comfortable for babies to wear.

spandex waistband nonwoven

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