Research On Ways To Improve The Structure Glue Of The Core Layer Of Hygiene Products

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The core layer structure glue is mainly used in the bonding of the core layer of sanitary napkins, diapers/sheets, etc.

The composition of different core structures is slightly different, but the main substrates for bonding include: non-woven fabrics, diversion layers, absorbent paper and fluff pulp. According to the use characteristics of various products, the core layer is required to have a certain physical strength under dry and wet conditions. This requires that the core structure glue has good bonding effect on various substrates no matter in dry or wet conditions.

1. Glue coating process

In the current gluing process, the sizing of the core structure glue is mainly spraying, and according to the characteristics of spraying, it can be subdivided into spiral spraying and fiber spraying.

construction adhesive

2. The necessity of using core layer structure glue

In sanitary napkins, diapers/sheets, the main function of the core layer is to absorb and store liquid, the liquid penetrates into the core layer from the surface layer, and the absorbent materials such as fluff pulp and SAP in the core layer absorb and store the infiltrated liquid. This requires that the surface layer and the core layer have a good fit and are not easy to separate. Therefore, the core layer structure glue is needed to bond the surface layer and the core layer together. Even under wet conditions, it has good physical strength to make it difficult to separate, so as to prevent the surface layer from detaching from the core layer and reduce the liquid absorption rate of the core layer.

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3. An effective way to improve wet strength performance

The use characteristics of sanitary napkins and diapers/sheets put forward higher requirements for the wet strength of the core structure, so it is necessary to find effective ways to improve the wet strength.

The factors affecting the structural integrity of the main body of the core layer mainly come from two aspects: the structural design and lamination process of the core layer; the effective bond strength (including dry and wet strength) of the core layer material.

There are two effective ways to improve the comprehensive performance of the core structure glue: first, to achieve the penetration ability of the glue after the substrate is soaked by reducing the coating viscosity of the existing structure glue. Second, enhance the bonding strength of the core layer after wetting by increasing the hydrophilicity of ordinary structure glue.

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