Research Trends Of Wood Pulp At Home And Abroad

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In recent years, with the gradual increase in the demand for wood pulp, more and more people have begun to improve the quality of wood pulp and develop new products that reduce costs. 

1. Research status of foreign wood pulp

In foreign countries, the production and use of fluff pulp products are relatively mature, and many companies conduct further technical research on the production of fluff pulp products, or increase the production line of enterprises to increase the output of Wood pulp, and finally maintain their competitiveness in the market.

PaperExcellence's pulp mill in Canada switched to fluff pulp. The pulp mill will spend 18 months preparing to resume production and equipping it to produce Wood pulp. It is estimated that the cost of this project will be close to the amount of conversion to dissolving pulp, amounting to 75 million to 90 million US dollars. 

The Golden Island brand fully softened pulp produced by Georgia Pacific Company is Wood pulp produced from American southern pine. For the production of thin and liquid-absorbent products containing polymer water-absorbents, the excellent pad integrity of Jindao pulp is extremely important.

 Wood pulp

2. Current status of domestic Wood pulp production

In China, since Wood pulp products mainly rely on imports, domestic Wood pulp companies have begun to carry out independent research and development of Wood pulp.

The former Institute of Paper Industry Science of the Ministry of Light Industry conducted a medium-scale test on the production of wood pulp by the BCTMP method of southern fir thinning wood, that is, using the thinning wood of southern fir to produce Wood pulp through bleached chemical thermomechanical pulp (BCTMP), and analyzed the production characteristics of wood pulp.


Xinjiang Alar Xinnong Cotton Pulp Co., Ltd. researched the bursting strength of cotton linter fluff pulp board and the elasticity of wood pulp. The factors affecting the bursting strength and dry bulkiness of wood pulp were studied, and the results showed that: The primary and secondary order of each factor is: papermaking temperature>the amount of debonding agent>mixing time, and the primary and secondary order of the factors affecting the dry bulkiness of Wood pulp is: the amount of debonding agent>manufacturing temperature>mixing time.

To sum up, there are obvious differences in the Wood pulp industry at home and abroad. The production and processing technology of foreign wood pulp has been perfected day by day, and more and more manufacturers have begun to switch to the wood pulp industry. Domestic research on Wood pulp is still in the development stage, and the production process is not mature, so further research work is needed.

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