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Non-woven fabrics are also known as non-woven fabrics and non-woven fabrics, and their products are widely used in personal hygiene care, medical protection, filter wiping, and agriculture. With the improvement of people's living standards, protection awareness and protection requirements, the development momentum of disposable non-woven products is strong. According to a report released by Smithers Pira Market Research Institute, from 2013 to 2018, the global average annual compound growth rate of non-woven fabrics was 7.6% (7.5% by value and 8.2% by area), of which the world's non-woven fabrics in 2018 The total output of cloth exceeds 15 million tons.

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1.Elastic non woven received more attention

While output and demand are growing rapidly, people have put forward higher requirements for the comfort and functionality of non-woven products, especially in personal hygiene care and medical protection. Therefore, on the premise of meeting the basic performance requirements, how to improve the fit between the product and the human body, thereby improving privacy, flexibility, comfort, etc., has received more and more attention. Because elastic non woven has good stretchability and flexibility, it can fit well to the use part, so it is widely used in disposable sanitary products, medical bandages, gloves, sportswear and packaging materials and other fields.

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2.Elastic non woven with different functions

Elastic non woven refers to non-woven fabrics whose elongation rate is greater than 60% under the action of external force, and the elongation recovery rate is greater than 55% after the external force is removed. Research on elastic non-woven fabrics was carried out earlier in the United States and Japan. Domestically, many colleges and universities such as Donghua University and Qingdao University have carried out research on related topics, and some companies such as Rongtai, Bi Defu, Quanquan (Taiwan), Tecom, etc. have also developed elastic non-woven fabrics with different functions.

At present, the more common types of elastic non woven are: spunbonded elastic non woven, meltblown elastic non woven, staple fiber carded elastic non woven, composite elastic non woven.

The difference in performance between non-woven fabrics of different processes can largely make up for the lack of a single raw material or process, and improve the applicability of the existing elastic non woven, such as spinning and spraying process (Spunmclt), melt blown-electrospinning process, etc., will Inject new vitality into the development and innovation of elastic non woven.

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