Improved Diaper Paihoo Hook Side Tape Cutting Device

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1. The structure of Paihoo hook side tape

Regarding Paihoo hook side tape, CN 202895301U once disclosed a new type of paper diaper winglet arc cutting device, including a knife rest and an arc and left roller rotatably arranged on the knife rest and an arc cutting right roller. The arc-cutting right roller is equipped with several bearing housings cooperatively, and each of the bearing housings is provided with an adjusting device that can be used to adjust the relative position between the arc-cutting right roller and the arc-cutting left roller, wherein the horizontal adjustment device passes through the screw Control the pressure plate and the bearing seat, and then control the horizontal direction, and the vertical adjustment device controls the gap between the cutter roller and the bed knife roller through the gap screw and the gap adjustment block, and then controls the vertical direction. Although this structure can easily control the relative position of the cutter roller and the bottom cutter roller, for the cutter roller and the bottom cutter roller with a line speed of more than 125-200 times per minute, wear will occur after a period of use However, it cannot be completely cut, resulting in the situation that the coupling wire is connected. At this time, the entire cutter roller and the bottom knife shaft need to be replaced. Not only the replacement cost is high, but also the overall replacement wastes materials. Many manufacturers will extend the replacement cycle and use too tight Working online in a makeshift way not only greatly reduces the quality of material cutting, but also leads to a reduction in the quality of subsequent products.

 hook side tape

2. Cutting of Paihoo hook side tape

Based on this, Patent No. CN201510285182.6 discloses a Paihoo hook side tape cutting device for diapers. The device includes a cutter roller assembly, a bed cutter roller assembly, a gap adjustment assembly and a vertical adjustment assembly. The gap adjustment assembly is located on the cutter roller Between the assembly and the bottom knife roller assembly, the vertical adjustment assembly is arranged above the cutter roller assembly, and the feature is: the cutter roller assembly is composed of a cutter roller equipped with a cutter and protective sleeves arranged on both sides of the cutter roller; The bed knife roller assembly is composed of three bed knife rollers, and the bottom knife roller in the middle is aligned with the cutter roller; a butterfly is installed between the pressure block of the vertical adjustment assembly and the bearing seat on the cutter roller shaft. spring.

Paihoo hook side tape

The beneficial effects provided by the Paihoo hook side tape cutting device for diapers are as follows: first, the service life of the device is greatly extended, equipment maintenance costs are reduced, and product processing quality is improved; second, the movement of the wedge can be controlled more precisely, making the device The adjustment is more efficient and precise; the third is to suck the dust particles such as waste chips and fiber particles generated by cutting into the dust collection device through the exhaust assembly, so as to prevent the dust particles from affecting the product processing and further improve the product processing quality.

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