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1. What is elastic glue

In the nursing product production industry, especially nursing products designed for infants, middle-aged and elderly patients with urinary incontinence and paralysis, such as diapers, in order to make the care more comprehensive, avoid non-fitting leakage or easy replacement, usually in the care products Set elastic glue on the body. Paste the elastic glue to form an elastic waistline or a nursing fence for nursing products. Hygienic elastic glue is a hot-melt adhesive used in the bonding of elastic spandex filaments and substrates in sanitary products. It plays a role in fixing the elastic material, which can make the elastic material better bonded to the non-woven fabric and the base film. Above, to give sanitary products a better personal comfort.

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2. Characteristics of Elastic glue

Elastic glue is generally required to have high creep resistance, good thermal stability, suitable opening time, good adhesion to elastic materials and PE backing materials or non-woven fabrics, no reverse seepage to non-woven fabrics, soft and elastic . At the same time, it should be able to be directly coated on the plastic PE film without scalding or deformation, thereby increasing the selectivity and operability of the coating substrate.

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3. The common elastic glue on the market

The common elastic glues are: Bostik Fendlay TEP920, TEP922, TEP878, Henkel DM5315, DM5572, Forbo HD-3565, Fuller CHM-5268. Among them, the operating temperature of DM5363 is relatively low, which belongs to the medium temperature type elastic glue. However, as consumers further pursue the quality of diapers: they require improved hand and body comfort, and non-woven fabrics are required to become thinner and softer, which requires the use of elastic glue to reduce the amount of glue. , to prevent sticky hand feeling caused by hard feeling and glue reverse seepage. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain the creep resistance of the original high glue content, so there is a higher creep resistance requirement for the elastic glue on diapers. In addition, the current elastic glue still has room for improvement in low temperature and weather resistance, for example, the development of low temperature resistant elastic glue can further broaden the use environment of elastic glue.

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