Precautions For Using Construction Glue For Sanitary Napkins

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1. Construction glue for sanitary napkins

Construction glue for sanitary napkins is generally constructed with a glue spraying machine, the purpose is to glue the surface layer, bottom layer material and internal structure material of the sanitary napkin together so that it will not move or break. Generally speaking, the amount of spray glue needs to be moderate. Too much spray will make the sanitary napkin feel hard and affect the comfort of use. In the production of porous film sanitary napkins, poor surface spraying can easily cause the surface of the product to become sticky and uncomfortable to use. Poor molding and a large amount of glue will also affect the speed and absorption capacity of liquids, and increase the risk of side leakage of sanitary napkins. Therefore, when using construction glue, it is necessary to spray glue as little as possible while ensuring that the materials of each layer are firmly bonded.

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2. Spraying method of construction glue

The glue spraying methods of the glue spraying machine include fiber spray glue, spiral glue spray and so on. Sanitary napkins are required to be soft and have a good liquid penetration effect. The construction glue cannot reverse osmosis and cannot affect the appearance of the product. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use spiral spray glue for construction. Spiral glue spraying refers to spraying compressed air at different angles through multiple air holes in the spiral nozzle, so that the construction glue filament is rotated and stretched, and sprayed evenly on the adhesive material.

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3. Selection of construction glue sprayer

When choosing a construction glue sprayer, you should pay attention to whether there is an air heating device in the spiral spray gun. If there is no air heating device, the cold air is blown out, the construction glue cools down rapidly, the glue thread is not easy to stretch, the glue strip is thicker, the spiral forming is more difficult, and it is not easy to achieve a larger glue spraying width. In order to achieve a certain product width, some customers try to make up for it by increasing the amount of glue sprayed and increasing the air pressure. Increasing the amount of spray glue will not only waste raw materials and increase production costs, but also the product will be harder. Glue sprayed on the base film will harden and wrinkle the base film. Increasing the air pressure of the helix will break the original filamentous helix into small particles. Because construction glue has a certain viscosity, it is impossible to produce sharp shapes like water. Larger particles sit in the middle of the product, while slightly smaller particles fly far enough away to create the neat edge the product requires. The flying of small particles floods production equipment and conveyor belts with glue, which not only wastes glue, but also causes products to stick to the conveyor belt, resulting in downtime and increased rejects. At the same time, the granular glue is not stretched, and a particle sticks only to a small area around it. In order to obtain the same surface width and bond strength, the amount of glue spray needs to be greatly increased.

In summary, when applying construction glue for sanitary napkins, attention should be paid to the use of the glue sprayer.

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